Tuesday, September 30

Mini Album - Page 21 & 22

I was so glad to finally get to the last two pages of my album.  It was a huge project with a huge mess to go along with it, but I was really pleased with the way it turned out... I'm even considering starting another!
Page 22 
The last two pages are complete!
I hope I've inspired some of you to try making a mini album of your own!

Monday, September 29

Mini Album - Page 19 & 20

Page 19 is a fold over page, with the flap along the top.  I gave it a pretty edge using a heart shaped border punch, before decorating it with patterned paper and ribbon.
Page 20 is decorated very simply with a piece of patterned paper and part of a die cut.

Pages 19 & 20
Don't forget that 1/8" between the edge of the page and the binding!

Pages 21 and 22

Sunday, September 28

Mini Album - Page 17 & 18

These next two pages double as a pocket for a large journaling tag.  I used a 11/4" circle punch to cut away a semi-circle from the outer edge of each page to make it easy to grab the tag.
The photo matt will also hold a journaling tag.
I used a 13/8" circle punch on the patterned paper to get a nice neat edge, but you could just as easily use a template and pair of scissors.

The tag
Pages 19 and 20

Saturday, September 27

Mini Album - Page 15 & 16

Today's pages both measure 6" x 6" and are decorated quite simply with some patterned paper, ribbon, self-adhesive pearls and die cuts.
Page 15 
Page 16
The photo matt doubles as a large pocket.
I even dragged out my eyelets to add a charm to the tag pull!
Don't forget to allow 1/8" between the inner edge of your page and the fold of the binding.
Pages 17 and 18

Friday, September 26

Mini Album - Page 13 & 14

These next two pages are also narrow, measuring 41/2" wide by 6" tall.  I wanted to add a large tag between them using two die cuts, back to back, as the tag-pull.
The first page...
... and the second page, which is fairly simple with some pretty patterned paper and a punched strip along the top and bottom.

To create the tag I cut a piece of cardstock a little shorter than the length of the die cuts and then glued the die cuts back to back with the tag edge between them.
Pages 15 and 16