Saturday, December 31

Sneak Peeks

It's the very last day of the year, which means there's just one more sleep before all the new digital images and clear stamps are released in store! Today's sneak peeks are all from the clear stamp range.

Just Desserts
(coloured by Carla)

Simply Freesias
(coloured by Petra)

Smooth Seas
(coloured by Carla)

With All My Heart
(coloured by Carla)

Thursday, December 29

Sneak Peeks

Two more sneak peeks to share with you today, and only three more sleeps until all the new images are released in store!

Out Of This World Set
(coloured by Petra)

Little Cottage Set
(coloured by Carla)

Wednesday, December 28

Sneak Peek

Yep, it's another peek at our upcoming collection.
You can find a time lapse video of this image being coloured on my Instagram account.

True Beauty

Tuesday, December 27

Sneak Peek

It's almost release time!
Just a few more days before new digital and clear stamps will be arriving in store.

Snow Bunnies

Sunday, December 25


From my home to yours
Merry Christmas
and best wishes
for the coming year

Friday, December 23

More Snowman Poop

Following the huge success of my first batch of snowman "poop" - my nephews being my biggest (and only) fans - I decided to go for a different variety. These are mini marshmallows from the baking section of the grocery store. I created the bag label in my drawing program and stapled it to the top of a clear cellophane packet. Another fabulous idea from Pinterest!

Thursday, December 22

Snowman Cups

These cups didn't turn out quite as I expected, but they're still cute and quirky and would make a fun gift for a teacher or coach. I filled them with marshmallows and wrapped them in clear cellophane, complete with a white bow.

Tuesday, December 20

Pencil Toppers

Aren't these cute?! I found this idea on Pinterest (isn't that where all good ideas come from??), but added a few touches of my own, including tiny seed beads for eyes. The "carrot noses" are toothpicks that I coloured with orange marker and cut short. If you're wondering what the white balls are, they are actually styrofoam. I discovered completely by accident that you get a kind of golf ball effect if you heat them carefully with a heat gun! Who knew?

Monday, December 19

Snowman Bunting

These little fellas were all hand cut and hand stitched to created about 8 feet of bunting. I gave them rosy red cheeks by applying a few shades of pink with my copic markers.

Saturday, December 17

Teeny Tiny Albums

These itsy bitsy albums were made with a single 12" x 12" sheet of card stock, cut, scored and folded to produce nine pages with built in pockets to hold decorated tags. Perfect stocking stuffers or little gifts for friends.

Thursday, December 15

Snowman "Poop"

Another idea from Pinterest... novelty snowman "poop". Now who wouldn't appreciate this little gift in their Christmas stocking? Well, perhaps the squeamish among us or those who don't care for peppermint would find it hard to appreciate, but I'm sure everyone else would get a kick out of it!

If you're wondering, the little poem inside the cover reads:
Heard you've been naughty
So here's the scoop -
All you get for Christmas
Is Snowman Poop

Tuesday, December 13

Let It Snow

For many years I've been intending to experiment with cutting felt or fabric with metal dies, and I'm happy to report that I have finally achieved my goal! These snowflakes are made from white felt, heavy thread, beads and kindy glitz. The thread is a couple of feet long so the snowflakes can be hung from the ceiling to make a beautiful snowy display.

This is how they looked pre-construction.

Saturday, December 10

Dreaming of a White Christmas

I really enjoyed doing some fabric based crafts for a change, but as always, I gravitated back to what I love... not that I'm packing up the fabrics and thread just yet.

This little album was created using papers from the gorgeous "Home for the Holidays" stack by Maja Design. The big snowflakes poking out all over the place were made with a big punch and white card stock that I strengthened with some glossy accents. All the other bits and bobs were scavenged from my stash.

Thursday, December 8

Tutorial - Wiper Cards

A Wiper Card is a form of pop-up card with a swinging tag that pops out when the ends are pulled. You can use the tag to hold a sentiment, like I did, or perhaps a fun little embellishment that fits the occasion.

1. To make a 6" x 4" folded card you will need two pieces of card stock measuring 4" high x 9" long and one small piece measuring 3" high x 11/2" wide.

2. Place one of the 4" x 9" pieces of card stock horizontally on your score board and score at 11/2" and again at 3", create a valley fold on the first score line and a mountain fold on the second. Repeat for the second piece of card stock.

3. Turn one piece around so the folds are at the other end. Set them aside.

4. Place the 3" x 11/2" piece of card stock vertically in front of you. Measure 11/2" down the right hand side and place a little mark. Use a ruler and pencil to draw a line from the mark to the left hand corner, as shown in the photo below.

5. Score along the pencil line, then fold. Rub out the pencil line.

6. I used a pair of sharp scissors to round off the top of my tag. Although it's not necessary, I find it helps the tag slide in and out of the card a lot easier. Flip the tag over so that the fold line runs from the left hand edge down to the right hand corner. Decorate the top of the tag as desired.

8. Place one of your long pieces of card stock horizontally in front of you, with the wrong side facing up. The fold lines should be on the right hand side. Add some glue or adhesive tape to the section of the tag below the fold line. 

9. Adhere the tag to the card between the two score lines as shown in the photo below. The tag should be parallel with the card and have its fold line flush with the top edge of the card. When you turn the card over you should not be able to see the fold on the tag.

10. Apply double sided tape or glue to the end panel of each card, as shown in the photo below.

11. Remove the backing paper and adhere the two pieces of card stock together, with the tag between them.

12. Now you can decorate the card as desired! I used patterned paper, ribbon, white card stock, die cut trees and a digital stamp to finish my project.