Thursday, March 29

Daisy Chain

I remember sitting for hours in our backyard threading my Mum's daisies together in long chains that we wore around our necks or on our heads like fairy princesses.  And when the daisies weren't blooming we would use clover flowers or even the milky dandelions that seemed to shoot up overnight.
Oh, the idyllic days of childhood... I wonder how accurate my memory really is?

Daisy Chain

Vivien made a gorgeous Easel Card using the image.

Rachel's card has a lovely vintage feel to it.

Thursday, March 22

Follow by Email

I now have a way for you to follow my blog posts by email... who knew it would be so easy?!  If you would like to receive email updates, simply type your email address in the box at the top of the right hand column, under "Follow by Email".

Sewing Fairy Cards

Rachael and Viv have created these beautiful cards using the new Sewing Fairy image.  He would be perfect on a card for a keen quilter or dressmaker, or simply for someone who loves fairies!

Rachael's Card

Vivien's Card

Monday, March 19

Party Pig

This rotund lady really captures the essence of carnivale!  Doesn't she just make you want to get up and do a bit of a jig around the living room? 

Vivien's Card

Rachael's Card

Saturday, March 17

Tutorial - Book Box Card

I must admit that I have been putting off making one of these Book Box Cards because of how complicated they look.  Although they probably aren't for the beginning card maker, they really aren't as tricky as they seem at first glance and the effects you can achieve are well worth the effort.

8" x 101/2" piece of cardstock for the card blank
Two 71/2" x 71/2" pieces of cardstock 
Two 71/2" x 43/4" pieces of cardstock
Two 10" x 2" pieces of cardstock
Two 7" x 2" pieces of cardstock
One 111/2" x 3" piece of cardstock
Two 73/4" x 1/2" strips of patterned paper
Two 43/4" x 1/2" strips of patterned paper
One 7" x 4" piece of patterned paper
One 7" x 4" piece of acetate - dry embossed
Co-ordinating ribbon at least 1/2" wide
Double sided tape
Foam Tape
Quick drying glue
Chalk ink for inking the edges of the cardstock
Scoreboard and stylus
Border punch of choice
Small sharp scissors
Craft knife and cutting mat
Ruler, pencil, eraser

1.  Place the 8" x 101/2" piece of cardstock horizontally (landscape orientation) on the scoreboard.  Score at 5" and again at 51/2". 

2.  Fold along the score lines to form an 8" x 5" card with a 1/2" spine. 

3.  Cut a window out of the front of the card leaving a 3/4" frame.  Ink all the edges.

4.  Mitre the corners of the 73/4" and the 43/4" strips of patterned paper (cut the ends on a 45 degree angle).  If you look closely at the picture below you will notice that the angle of the mitre is different on each end of the paper strips.  Ink the edges of the patterned paper.  Place a thin strip of double sided tape around the four edges of the acetate.

5.  Adhere the embossed acetate over the window you cut earlier.  Use double sided tape to secure the paper strips over the edges of the acetate, ensuring the mitred edges are all lined up neatly.

6.  Centre and adhere the 7" x 4" piece of patterned paper on the inside of the card.

7.  Concertina fold (mountain, valley, mountain, valley, etc.) the two 71/2" x 71/2" pieces of cardstock and the two 71/2" x 43/4" pieces of cardstock at 3/4" intervals.  (Note that the 71/2" x 43/4" pieces are scored and folded across the short length).  Ink the edges.

8.  To form the sides of the card, take one of the long concertina pieces in one hand, and one of the short pieces in the other and fit them together as shown in the pictures below.  You will get a much better fit if your folds are precise and even.

9.  Use some double sided tape to secure the top and bottom of each corner only.  Do not add adhesive between the concertina folds.

10.  Use the two 10" x 2" pieces of cardstock and the two 7" x 2" pieces of cardstock and your border punch to make a cover for the concertina frame you just created.  You want each piece of the frame to be about 1" wide and when assembled the entire piece should be no more than 8" long and 5" wide.  As you can see in the picture below, I kept the far left hand edge of the frame smooth so it can butt up against the spine of the card.
I apologise for not being more specific with the measurements in this step.  The difficulty comes with the differences between border punches.  Some bite much deeper than others and so it is hard to know how much cardstock is going to be cut away.  You might want to experiment with newspaper or printer paper before cutting into your cardstock.

11.  Begin layering your images into the concertina frame with glue or double sided tape.  Secure parts of the image on the folds of the frame to add layers and create dimension.

12.  Add some double sided tape to the back of the frame, and add some foam tape to the back of  the image for added support.

13.  Secure the frame to the inside of the card, keeping the left side of the frame flush against the second fold of the card.

14.  Continue building up your image using the folds of the frame to hold each of the different layers.

15.  Add the strips of cardstock to the frame and secure with double sided tape.  As you can see from the photo below, I mitred the corners to give a nice neat finish.  Alternatively, you could cut a single frame from a sheet of cardstock.

16.  A few more blossoms complete the look.

17.  Use the 111/2" x 3" piece of cardstock to make a band to hold the card securely closed.  Punch along both long edges with the same border punch you used inside the card, fold the strip around your card being careful not too pull it too tight nor leave it too loose.  Secure the end with double sided tape.

18.  Use double sided tape to secure the ribbon around the band, then finish with a bow.

Thursday, March 15

Scarlet Robin and a Freebie

As you can see, I'm still stuck on the little bird theme but they really are so lovely flying around in the garden.  I think all the extra rain we've had this season has meant a lot more insects for them to eat and so they tend to stay around longer rather than ranging about looking for dinner.

Rachael and Vivien made these beautiful cards with the Scarlet Robin image.  Don't forget to visit their blogs and sign up as a follower to be in the running to win a free Beccy's Place image.

Vivien's Card

Today's freebie is a do-over of the old scanned Bride and Groom image.  They have been digitally remastered for a smoother look, which will hopefully make them a little easier to colour in.

Wednesday, March 14

Pretty Pansies

Pansies are so pretty in the garden, adding a wonderful splash of colour amongst their deep green leaves.  As you can see from Vivien and Rachael's creations, pansies also make wonderful gretting cards whether they are coloured soft and pretty or bold and striking.

 Vivien's Card

Rachael's Card

Monday, March 12

Rose Robin and Blossoms

I really like little birds, I think they have a slightly mysterious, fairy-like quality to them.  There's nothing better than seeing little wrens and finches flitting through the garden on a warm day, hiding beneath the shrubs and chasing beetles for their lunch.

This image is available in store now.

Rachael's Card

Vivien's Card

Monday, March 5

Grape Bunch

Viv, Rach and I have been busy making cards with this new grape image.  As you can see, it looks great in either green or crimson... just depends on what you like to drink... or should I say eat?!  The image is available in store now and comes with a coloured version in a nice shade of Merlot... errrr... red.

Vivien's Card

Rachael's Card

Beccy's Card

Image available now at
Beccy's Place

Challenge Time

To keep everyone inspired we will be running monthly challenges for you to sink your crafty little teeth into! The first challenge... which isn't much of a challenge at all really... is simply to become a follower on Rachael's or Vivien's blog (or both) and leave a quick comment at any time during the month of March. How easy is that?

At the end of the month both ladies will pick a random winner from amongst their followers, who will receive their choice of image from my Store.

Friday, March 2


This little lady is available in store now.

Vivien Hodge

Rachael Ashby