Sunday, October 24

Foliage Wreath

Free Printable #71

Designed: 30.09.10
copyright Beccy Muir

Autumn Wreath

Here's the wreath coloured in gorgeous autumn tones. Feel free to use the coloured image, or the blank design (next post), on a card or project of your own.

Christmas Wreath Cards

I coloured these wreaths in Christmas colours using various copic markers for the foliage and ribbon and a gold pen for the actual wreath base. I distressed the circle with a little matching ink, adhered it to a scalloped card base then added some faux stitching around the outside. The "25 Dec" is a Stampin' Up stamp.

Spring Card

This is a little scalloped card I made using the largest of the Large Scallop Circles from Spellbinders, as well as a simple wreath that I designed. I have coloured the wreath in three different ways - Spring, Autumn and as a Christmas embellishment. I have found it quite versatile since it isn't really associated with any particular holiday or season until you add colour.

Friday, October 22

Witch Wreath

Free Printable #70

Designed: 30.09.10
copyright Beccy Muir


This is another circular design, perfect for quick Halloween cards or as a little round embellishment on seasonal crafts like lolly bags or notelets.

Monday, October 18

Little Boy

Free Printable #69

Designed: 19.08.10
copyright Beccy Muir

A Boy's Day Out

I have a seven year old boy, so coming up with this design really wasn't that difficult. Thinking of all the things that would make up the perfect boy's day out was a matter of remembering the things my son has done, has asked to do, has been in trouble for doing or is no doubt contemplating!! I know all of you out there who are, or were, the mothers of small boys can relate to what I'm saying.
Lord bless us and give us patience!

Mother's of small boys
work from son up
till son down.

Saturday, October 16

Technique Class - Altered Cannister

I don't mean to cause widespread panic here, but with only ten weeks to go until Christmas I thought it about time to get started on some handmade gifts!
This great tin cannister has been in my stash for quite some time now just waiting for some pretty paper and embellishments to transform it into an objet d'art. Okay, it may not have turned out quite as good as that, but filled with some homemade cookies, some gardening items or even a small bottle of perfume, it really makes a lovely gift. So let's get started...

Tin cannister
Double sided tape (extra strength is best)
Patterned papers (I used Flight of Fancy by Prima)
Matching inks for distressing the papers
Stamps and inks of choice
Ribbon, lace and trim
Assorted flowers and butterflies

1. I used three different patterned papers to cover my tin - you could use more or less depending on the look you are going for. You'll need enough to fit all the way around your tin and enough to cover it from the base to just under the lip of the lid.

2. Ink the long edges of each strip of patterned paper. With the wrong side facing up, butt the strips tightly together, making sure the ends are even and join them together with double sided tape.

3. Add some stamped designs. As you can see from the photograph, I stamped along the top and bottom edge, as well as diagonally across the paper. When the paper is adhered around the cannister the diagonally image will wrap around giving me a foundation or guide for my embellishments. Add a stamped sentiment at this point if desired.

4. Using extra strength double sided tape at the join line (normal double sided tape will do everywhere else) apply the paper to the cannister. You can add a layer of clear varnish to your project at this point and set it aside to dry while you work on the lid.

5. Covering the lid is a simple matter of applying a circle of patterned paper to the top and a strip around the side. Pre-ink each piece before adhering, however you will find that the trim covers most of the edges anyway.

6. Place the lid on the cannister while you add your trim and lace. This helps to maintain the correct shape as well as providing you with a guide for the placement of your embellishments. You don't want the laces or trim to prevent the lid going on properly.

7. Use extra strong double sided tape to apply the trim around the edge of the lid. I find this particular braided trim ideal for edging as it seems to hug the angle well and covers up any imperfections I might have in my work... not that I'm admitting anything here! Use the same double sided tape to apply some pretty lace just under the lid. This helps to hide that small gap where the tin juts out a little. You could also use ric rac or ribbon if you wanted to. Try and keep all of your joins in the same place at the back of your project.

8. With some normal double sided tape and a spot or two of glue, apply a wide ribbon around the cannister. I placed my about 1/4 of the way up from the bottom, but you can put it wherever you think it looks best. Leave the space beneath the bow adhesive free so that the ribbon can bend and gather in the right places.

9. Tie a nice bow with the loose ribbon ends. Hold it in place with some small pieces of strong double sided tape placed on the loops of the bow and in the middle of the tails. A little glue squeezed into the knot will prevent the bow from slipping.

10. The final stage is embellishing. I adhered a layered flower with a pearl brad to the centre of the lid with some of the extra strong double sided tape. I finished the cannister by placing some handcut butterflies, flowers and self-adhesive pearls along the stamped swirls I added earlier.

Thursday, October 14

Stone Cottage

Free Printable #68

Designed: 26.09.10
copyright Beccy Muir

Wish You Were Here...

A little stone cottage in the woods with a smokey chimney and a gentle breeze blowing... what could be more peaceful? I can just imagine myself sitting in one of those gable windows crafting away to my heart's content, with a pie cooling downstairs on the window sill and a sleepy cat curled up at the foot of a big old iron bed. Ah, what bliss!

Tuesday, October 12

Wreath - Tulips

Free Printable #67

Designed: 30.09.10
copyright Beccy Muir

Tulip Card

For those of us in the southern hemisphere, enjoying the warmth, colour and fragrance of spring, I've designed a little tulip wreath. Great for Mother's Day or female Birthday cards or as a Get Well Soon or even a Thank You card, it's a versatile design that can be coloured to suit your patterned paper or customised to the favourite colours of the receiver.

Monday, October 11

Full Colour Harvest

And finally, the designs in colour. Feel free to print and use these on your projects too.

Harvest Set

Free Printables #66
These drawings were designed to be printed at a small size and each should fit nicely inside a circle. How you use them is up to you of course, so feel free to experiment with shape, size and colour.

Designed: 30.09.10
copyright Beccy Muir

Harvest Cards

These are more of the designs I drew during our recent trip to the U.S. They would be lovely as Thanksgiving cards, Halloween greetings or for nice little Thank You or Thinking of You cards.

Sunday, October 10

Little Witch

Free Printable #65

Originally Designed: October 2010
Remastered: October 2016
Original artwork by Beccy Muir, all rights reserved. Images are for personal use and must not be copied, swapped, shared, resold or mass produced without the express written permission of the artist.

Little Witch Card

This little witch started out as a simple little doodle on a scrap piece of paper. I thought she was rather cute so decided to keep her as a decoration for Halloween cards and tags. She would be good on a little swing tag for a bag of goodies or at the centre of a large floral embellishment.

Thursday, October 7

Witch with her Familiar

Free Printable #64 Designed: 29.09.10
copyright Beccy Muir

Brunhilde and Jeb

I figure this young lady is the modern trend in witches, with her bright green hat and her funky purple hair she probably creates quite a stir in the coven!

Wednesday, October 6


Free Printable #63

Designed: 29.09.10
copyright Beccy Muir

Guarding the Patch

This is one of the characters I sketched while we were away. I was so inspired by all the beautiful fresh fruit and vegetable markets that we saw around the outer suburbs of Portland where my mother-in-law lives. The gorgeous market gardens and backyard patches were laden with ripe pumpkins and golden ears of corn, and I even saw a couple of real scarecrows standing guard!

I coloured this guy using various copic markers. You should be able to download and print the coloured version from your own computers if you wish to, but I'll also post the line drawing so you can add your own colours and patterns as usual.

Monday, October 4

Home and Hearth

I'm pleased to say we made it home safely after 23 hours of travelling! I know it sounds like a long time, and there were times that it certainly felt like a lot longer, but I'm still amazed that a person can travel so very far in such a short time.

We had a lovely holiday visiting family and seeing the sites in northern Oregon and Washington State. Definitely a beautiful part of the country with rugged, snow-capped mountains, majestic fir trees, rolling fog, charming little towns and even some beautiful autumnal colours starting to show. I was so inspired by the fall colours and the Halloween decorations that I spent quite a lot of my spare time sketching. I ended up with several pages of new designs that I'll share with you during this month. Most of them are Halloween or autumn inspired (even though it is spring outside my own little window) with a spattering of Christmas ideas thrown in too.

Saturday, October 2

"Moments" - Mini Album

This is another mini pocket album similar to the one I showed you in the Mini Brad Album Tutorial. They are so easy to make and are very effective with all the embellished tags poking up from between the tops of the pages. I think they make terrific gifts for family and friends, particularly as they can be customised to the personality of the receiver. You could make an album for favourite recipes, a new grandchild, a spring garden or for someone who is researching their family history. Make up an album of all your favourite Christmas photos from years gone by and place it front and centre amongst your Christmas decorations - it's sure to be a talking point during festivities.

Well, right now my hubby, kids and I are on a plane, homeward bound, after two and a half weeks in the U.S. visiting family, shopping and even doing a little bit of work (hubby - not me!) My craft room has been beckoning to me for at least two of the last weeks... I'm looking forward to getting some ink and glue back on my fingers! See you soon.