Saturday, December 30

Year in Review

I would like to finish the year by sharing some of my favourite cards from 2017, and I'd like to invite you all to do the same on your own blog.  Post a link in the comments section below so we can come have a look at your year in review.

Wednesday, December 27

Black and White

I kept the colouring to a minimum for this design, just a little bit of black pencil to deepen the shadows and a hint of pink for his little cheeks.

Stamps: Snow Drifters

Monday, December 25

Happy Christmas

Wishing you and yours
all the very best for a peaceful,
happy and love filled Christmas.

Sunday, December 24

Gingerbread Album

I love looking back over old photos from Christmas' past... seeing captured moments of my children when they were young and the happy faces of friends and loved ones who have since passed on. I usually add a few pages to a Christmas journal each year so that I can remember the moments we shared and the funny little things that were said and done. This year I made a mini gingerbread album filled with photos from a decade ago. I apologise for not taking photos of the album before I filled it, I was so focused on the old photos that I forgot!

Stamps: Sugar & Spice

Friday, December 22

Christmas Bells

This is another page from my clear stamp catalogue, this time featuring the Christmas Bells clear stamp set. These designs are now available as digitals as well.

Wednesday, December 20

Celebrate Everything!

A couple of months back I stamped four of the same image from the Celebrations set and coloured them with different themes in mind. Today I'd like to share the cards I created with the four different designs. I've got a card for a birthday, a new baby, one for Valentine's Day and one for Christmas. This is one of my favourite sets because of how versatile it is... you can use it for any occasion where gifts are given.

Stamps: Celebrations

Monday, December 18

Frosty Joy

I thought I'd use this month's freebie to make a card in traditional Christmas colours. The ribbon was meant to give the illusion of a Christmas gift... not sure if I nailed that though, it probably needs a big bow.

Sunday, December 17

'Twas The Night Before Christmas

Michael Powell is one of my favourite stamp artists, I love the little scenes he designs. This stamp is one of my favourites, I think it looks lovely and peaceful and I can just imagine Santa and his sleigh flying across that night sky.

Friday, December 15

Warm Brandy Custard

It doesn't come much more traditional than plum pudding with warm brandy custard. Yum!

Stamps: Sugar & Spice

Thursday, December 14

Tutorial - Bridge Fold Cards

Bridge Fold or U-Fold cards are fairly simple to make and can be decorated in lots of really fun and interesting ways. While researching, I came across cards made to look like kitchens, dressing tables and even a woodworking bench! The "U" section in the centre allows for some great 3D embellishing and this is where your creativity really gets to shine.

1. Start with a piece of card stock measuring 6" x 10".

2. Score at 11/2", 3", 7" and 81/2". The measurements I've used will give you a card measuring 6" tall x 7" long when folded.

3. Fold along the score lines beginning with a mountain fold, then a valley fold, another valley fold and ending with a mountain fold.

4. If desired, you can add some patterned paper and stamps at this point. Once you add the bottom panel it will be a lot more difficult to add embellishments to the background.

5. Cut a piece of card stock measuring 2" x 7". If desired, use a pair of scissors or a border punch to give a decorative edge. Since I'm creating a snow scene, I decided to cut a couple of snow banks.
Apply glue or double sided tape to the back of the last 11/2" of the card stock as shown in the photo below.

6. Secure the card stock to the bottom of one end of your card. Stand the card upright to make aligning the bottom easier - you want it to be flush with the bottom edge of your card.

7. Now repeat with the other end of the card stock strip to complete base of your U-Fold card. You can embellish as desired or continue on to create a card similar to mine.

8. To decorate, you'll need two strips of card stock measuring 3/4" x 7". I used a snowflake border punch to give them some added interest. You'll also need another bottom strip of card stock, the same size and shape as the first, a reel of thread, a coloured and fussy cut image, some little punched snowflakes and some very strong, fast drying glue.

9. Attach the punched card stock strip to the top of the card is the same manner as you did the bottom. Apply a strip of double sided tape at the top of the card over the punched card stock, and another strip at the bottom of the card. These will hold your thread in place.

10. Cut several lengths of thread approximately 6" long. Press them onto the strip of double sided tape at the top of the card. When they're in place, apply another strip of double sided tape over the top. Don't space the threads evenly, the design will look better if they are different distances from each other.

11. Now secure them at the bottom in the same way. I applied a piece of sticky tape across the threads to make them extra secure.

12. Now add the extra strips of card stock over the top and bottom pieces so that the threads are secured between and you can no longer see the tape.

13. Here comes the fiddly bit.... Using strong, fast drying glue, fix the little snowflakes to the twine in random places. You'll need two snowflakes in each position so that the thread is sandwiched between. I used some pointy tweezers to help place each one.

14. All that's left now is to add your image, sentiment and any extra embellishments you'd like. Have fun!


Tuesday, December 12

Snow Drifters

This is another page from the clear stamp catalogue I'm making. Having all my images stamped and coloured in one little book sure makes designing cards easier. I wish I'd thought of doing this years ago!

Stamps: Snow Drifters

Sunday, December 10

Gingerbread Wagon

I don't really need any more Christmas cards, but I'm still feeling super inspired after last month's challenge... plus I love colouring these little gingerbread men. Even if I don't use it, there's always next year!

Friday, December 8

Magnolia Mini Album

Generally I like to have some tags and embellishments poking out the top and sides of my mini albums, but I decided to keep this one streamlined. Each page is folded to create a pocket that contains a large, decorated tag. I decorated the front cover with a coloured and fussy cut Magnolia stamp, a die cut title, ribbon and a doily.

Stamps: Magnolias