Thursday, November 29

Christmas Star Cottage

For those of you who love little houses decorated for Christmas I have this Star Cottage.  I must admit it's a little bit "grinchy" looking, but the spirit is still there!
This set comes with 2 black and white line drawings and one full colour image.

Eret's Card

Viv's Card

Viv also made a card using the plain image.

Monday, November 26

Christmas Light Garland

It's easy to create nice quick cards with this little image since you're adding both the sentiment and the image at the same time.  You can colour the lights and baubles to match the paper and embellishments you want to use on your card.
Vivien made these cards with lots of lovely embossing in the background.

I added some border punched strips for a little bit of added interest.

Thursday, November 22

Time to Retire...

I have quite a few stamps that are ready for an early retirement!
They have been marked down to $1.00 each and will available from now until the end of the year when they will be discontinued.

Christmas Pig

What can I say?
The cow needed a friend...

Eret made this cute little Christmas bookmark.

Vivien made a fun and quirky card.

I used the image on one of the many bonbons I'll be making this year!

Monday, November 19

Christmas Cow

Now, what could have more country charm than wrapping your favourite cow in a warm quilt and festooning it with holly for Christmas?!  Move over Frosty, there's a new girl in town!
Viv used the image to make a wonderful moving-house card.
I made Christmas tags, complete with storage box for my cow-mad sister! 

Thursday, November 15

Baby Robin

I love this fluffy little robin chick resting happily on a holly branch... I really like little birds and I love Christmas, so how could I go wrong combining the two?  He also looks fantastic printed on the back of matching envelopes!

Viv's Card

Eret's Card
Wendy's Card

My Cards

Monday, November 12

Elegant Stocking

Eret made this cute little pocket card, complete with chocolate!

Vivien made this clever card that has a detachable bookmark.

Wendy went with pretty greens and pinks for her card.

I layered the image three times to get lots of dimension.

Saturday, November 10

Tutorial - Diagonal Double Pocket Card

This card is perfect for occasions when you want to send someone a gift card, money or even a special photograph.  The two pockets folded into the front of the card can hold any of these items and can be embellished to add even more interest and dimension to the overall card design.

Card Fold Template
1. Start with a piece of double-sided paper measuring 12" x 8".  Choose paper that is thick and sturdy and with a pattern that is the same when viewed either sideways or longways. 
2. Using the template above, score along all the dashed lines and cut along the solid line.  Fold and press all the scored lines.

3.  Fold and press the top left triangular section of paper toward the front, and fold and press the lower right triangular section of paper toward the back along the score lines as shown in the picture below.
4.  Apply double-sided tape to the top left triangular section of paper as shown in the picture below.  Remove the backing from the tape and press the triangle down adhering it to the paper below.
5.  Apply another piece of double-sided tape from the diagonal fold to the edge of the cut you made earlier.  See picture below.
6.  Fold the entire piece to the right and adhere to the paper below. 
7.  Apply double sided tape to the bottom right quadrant of the card, starting just below the centre line and ending before the diagonal score line.  Refer to the picture below.

8.  Remove the backing from the tape and fold the bottom half up adhering it to the top section.
9.  Apply more tape to the triangular piece of paper that is now in the top right corner.  Remove the backing paper from the tape and fold the section down.  The two pockets will now be revealed. 
10.  Fold along the centre line so you end up with a complete card.
11.  Add embellishments, a sentiment or some handmade tags to complete the card.  Have fun! 

Friday, November 9

Angel with Lights

I hope everyone is managing to build up their Christmas card stash now that we are only six weeks out from the big day.  The shops here in Australia are all decorated with festive lights, Christmas trees and pine needle swags and a couple of my friends have made a start on their Christmas cakes and puddings.  It won't be long now until I dust off the boxes of ornaments and start thinking about lunch menus and gift lists!
Includes one black and white line drawing and one full colour image.

Wendy made this beautiful circular Christmas card
with a cute string of little lights.

Eret designed this amazing step card using both
of the Angel images.

Vivien put together this wonderful, clean and simple design
using layers of matts behind the image.

I also kept to a simple design using clean
lines to frame the image and sentiment.