Sunday, September 30

They're Back!

By far one of our most popular stamp sets, Slugs & Snails, is now available in digital format! Get all your favourite squooshy, slippery characters as digital stamps, ready to resize, flip and twist for all your paper craft needs.

Slugs & Snails
digital stamp set

Saturday, September 29

Thank You Kathy

I'd like to extend a sincere thank you to our
fabulous guest artist for the past three months
Kathy Asper
Kathy's cards and projects have been fun and colourful with lots of awesome details. I highly recommend checking out her blog. Head over and sign up to become a follower so you don't miss any of her fabulous posts.
Thanks Kathy!

Friday, September 28

Out With The Old...

Now that spring has sprung, it's time to give things a bit of a freshen up!
Over the next few days, you'll start to notice some changes on the Beccy's Place blogs and in store. We hope you like what you see...

Thank You Card

For something a little different, I printed the Azalea digital stamp quite large and then trimmed away the stalks and bottle with an oval die. I love being able to resize the image... it's one of the biggest advantages of digital stamps.

Stamps: Azaleas

Wednesday, September 26

Brisbane Craft & Gift Fair

Stop by and say hi!
Sleeman Sports Complex, Chandler

Beautiful Days

Don't be shy about adding deep shadows to your coloured images. Dark areas give the image depth and interest and help to define the shape of the subject. I used deep reds, maroons and even a dark brown to get a great depth of colour in the centre of these flowers.

Stamps: Azaleas

Monday, September 24

New Release: Azaleas

Azaleas bloom in so many fabulous colours that it's hard to know which one to choose. Bright reds and pinks through to gorgeous soft lilacs and the purest of whites. Choose your favourite colour, your favourite medium and enjoy some time colouring these pretty blossoms.

digital stamp set

Check out all the pretty colour variations amongst the cards created by my designers... aren't they fabulous?

Saturday, September 22

Stamp Happy

The Fallow Fields set allows me to stamp long lines of fabulous foliage without resulting in a tiled look. I can mix and match the different stamps to get a unique result every time!

And I can do some silhouette stamping too!

Stamps: Fallow Fields

Wednesday, September 19

Endless Stamping

The new Fallow Fields set of clear stamps allows endless stamping without ending up with a tiled look. I created this four fold card using distress inks on water colour paper.

Stamps: Fallow Fields

Monday, September 17

New Release: Fallow Fields

I wanted to create a set of stamps that could be mixed and matched to create unique scenes every time I sat down to stamp. On top of that, I wanted to be able to stamp out a long scene without ending up with a tiled effect that often comes from using the same image over and over. The result is this stamp set called "Fallow Fields".

Anesha and Carla have created some gorgeous cards with the Fallow Fields set. Both designers have used the images as silhouettes against fabulous backgrounds.

Saturday, September 15


Burnishing is the process of polishing a surface by friction. It’s really a term that has been borrowed from the world of manufacturing where metal, pottery and even wood is burnished to flatten and smooth the surface often leaving a noticeable shine. In the world of papercraft, burnishing simply refers to the process of rubbing paper or card stock with a smooth flat tool to achieve a smooth, shiny surface. Some paper crafters use the term to describe the action of pressing on a fold to sharpen the crease.

Try cutting or punching a little butterfly from card stock, then use the flat side of a bone folder or a shaping tool to burnish the wings to a nice shine.

Mini Album - "This Life"

I set myself a challenge at the start of the year to create a mini album per month in order to use up some of my patterned paper stash. We're now nine months in and so far I've made a total of four! I may not be the most proficient mathematician, but even I know I'm a few books short of a library.
Anyways, here is number four... created for a friend who wanted something hand-made for a member of their family.

Friday, September 14


It amused me to hang the dragonfly charm at the side of the little frog image... it looks like he has one eye on his friends and the other on a quick snack!

Stamps: Frog Hop

Wednesday, September 12

What's That Smell?!

I'm certain this guy was in the middle of a conversation when the delicious smell of cake wafted over to distract him. He really looks like he's been caught mid-discussion and has had to halt all other concerns to figure out which direction he needs to go. I'm pretty sure I've had this expression on my face once or twice too!

Stamps: Frog Hop

Monday, September 10

New Release: Frog Hop

Maybe not the kind of critters you'd invite to a birthday party, but definitely good for a laugh! These guys are perfect for creating humorous cards for all those fun-loving friends and family members. Team them up with one of the coordinating, and slightly off-beat, sentiments for the perfect card creation!

Frog Hop
digital stamp set

It wouldn't be a new release without some goodness from our fabulous designers... hop on over (sorry, couldn't help myself) to their blogs to check out their other creations!