Wednesday, May 31

The Last Card...

When I received the new Celebrations clear stamp set I went straight to work and stamped a whole page of the little gifts in my watercolour pad. This is the last coloured image that was waiting to be made up into a card.

Stamps: Celebrations by Beccy's Place

Monday, May 29

Circle Card

I recently purchased these fabulous scalloped circle dies that are large enough to cut the base of a card, with plenty of smaller dies for lots of layers. I coloured the image with copic markers and then added some sparkle to the champagne bottle with some clear Wink of Stella... I was going for a frosty look.

Stamps: Champagne digital stamps by Beccy's Place

Saturday, May 27

New Release: Champagne Set

A digital set for all those extra special celebrations in life, from engagement and anniversaries to big birthdays and graduations. Let's celebrate them all!

Digital Stamp set

My designers have put together some fabulous, celebratory cards and projects to help inspire you and spark your creativity. Stop by their blogs for more information about their projects and to see what else they've been working on.

AJ's Card

A gift bag from Anesha

Petra's Card

Karin's Card

Carla's Creation

Judy's Project

Thursday, May 25

"Our Holiday" Mini Album

Sadly, the Kaisercraft outlet store not far from my house recently closed its doors. On the upside though, there were loads of great bargains on offer in the final weeks of trade. I ended up bringing home quite a stash of papers including this wonderful seaside collection, which I made into a cute little holiday album.

Tuesday, May 23

Forever and Always

I wanted to create a CAS style card with a single, long stemmed flower as the focal point. The single rose from the "With All My Heart" stamp set was perfect, except that the stem wasn't quite as long as I wanted. To add a bit extra, I stamped the image, except for the very tip of the stem, which I kept free of ink, then used a pen to add a couple of lines until I got the size I was after.

Stamps: With All My Heart by Beccy's Place

Monday, May 22

I Like Candy...

I'm still enjoying the new Candy Shoppe digital stamp set, it's been quite a walk down memory lane for me. I remember these big lolly pops from days spent at the local fair or, if we were really lucky, a trip to the Brisbane Ekka!

Stamps: Candy Shoppe digital stamp set by Beccy's Place

Sunday, May 21

Gumball Machine

Remember the old gumball machines that used to be on the counter of nearly every corner store you went into? Waiting to see what colour was going to come out after you turned the handle was always nerve wracking. I was ever hopeful for an orange or red one and always disappointed when a green or purple one came out instead. Most times I was able to swap with one of my brothers, other times I just had to grin and bear it. The flavour only lasted for a couple of minutes anyway, so it wasn't long before you were chewing on a tasteless, sticky wad! Ahhhh, the good ol' days.

Stamps: Candy Shoppe by Beccy's Place

Saturday, May 20

New Release: Candy Shoppe

When I was a kid, my sister and brothers and I would walk to the corner store, pocket money in hand, to buy individual pieces of candy... or what we call "lollies" here in Australia. Just $1.00 would get you a white paper bag full of all kinds of sugary treats! The best part was being able to choose your favourites from the individual jars and boxes that lined the shelves. These days, I have only seen lollies sold like this in those old-timey shops you find in tourist destinations. It sure makes me feel nostalgic... not to mention old!

Candy Shoppe
Digital Stamp set

My designers have some sweet offerings to share with you, using the new set.

Judy's Card

Karin's Card

AJ's Card

Carla's Card

Petra's Card

Anesha's Card

Wednesday, May 17

By The Sea

One of my brothers loves the sea. I think he should have been a commercial fisherman or a pilot on a large ship or any other job that puts him in the vicinity of the ocean. Even though he doesn't really enjoy recreational swimming, he loves everything else about the water, particularly fishing and boating. I had him firmly in mind when designing the Smooth Seas clear stamp set, which means, like it or not, he'll be receiving lots of cards with a beach theme!

Stamps: Smooth Seas by Beccy's Place

Monday, May 15

Signature Bear

Here in Australia, and probably in many other parts of the world too, it's common to have an item that is passed around at a party or celebration that can be signed by the guests. "Signature Bears" are one such item, and can be decorated with veils for weddings, party hats for 21st birthdays or mortar boards for graduations... like this little guy.

The Final Roll Call digital stamp set includes this bonus coloured image. The little signature bear comes complete with messages of congratulations and encouragement.

Final Roll Call
Digital Stamp Set

Saturday, May 13

New Release: Final Roll Call

Here's a set for all the graduates in your life. From grade school through to post graduate studies, our grads deserve a resounding ovation for years of dedicated work and commitment to learning... even those who weren't too keen on attending!

Final Roll Call
Digital Stamp Set

My designers have created these fabulous cards and projects with the new Final Roll Call set...

Karen's Card

Two projects from Anesha

Carla's Creation

Petra's Card

AJ's Project

Judy's Creation

Thursday, May 11

Just Desserts

It has been grey and overcast here for the past couple of days, so I'm in the mood for nice bright, happy colours. I've used one of my favourite clear stamp sets to create this card as well as all my water colour pencils, which are still scattered over my desk!

Wednesday, May 10

Freesias in Watercolour

My watercolour pencils and brushes were sitting out on my desk after I went hunting for something yesterday. Naturally, that meant I needed to have a little play before I put them away again. The result is a couple of water coloured freesia cards.

Monday, May 8


I used one of the stamps from the Doris & Daphne set and added a muddy puddle with a black fine point pen. The result? One very happy and very fine little pig.

Saturday, May 6

New Release: Doris & Daphne

My friend Pete has two pet pigs, named Bubble & Squeak, that she absolutely adores. She assures me that they're as smart as dogs and as loving as human toddlers, and I imagine they're probably just as messy! Every time I see Pete, she has a new story to tell me about her pigs and the adventures they get up to with her great Dane called Marvin. They are the inspiration for this latest set of stamps...

Doris & Daphne
clear stamp set

Carla, Anesha and Petra have put together some fabulous cards and projects using the Doris & Daphne clear stamp set, which you can check out below...

Two cute cards from Carla

Anesha created two fabulous cards, a plaque and an awesome sunglasses case.

Two cards from Petra... check out those googly eyes!