Friday, May 5

Tutorial: Double Z Fold Cards

My friend, Doreen, suggested I write a tutorial for creating a double Z fold card after finding a beautiful example online. They are one of those great cards that gives you a lot of bang for your buck... my favourite kind!... and can be made quickly and in whatever size you need. Like all the best folds, these cards fold flat to fit into a standard sized envelope. What's not to love?!

1. Start with a piece of card stock measuring 11" x 4" and a second coordinating piece measuring 11" x 2". Place the larger piece horizontally on your scoreboard and score at 23/4" and 51/2".

2. Make a mountain fold on the first score line and a valley fold on the second score line so that you have a basic z-fold card.

3. Now repeat the scoring and folding on the second piece of card stock, using the same measurements and folds. 

4. Flip the smaller piece of card stock over so that the long section is on top and the folded sections are underneath and at the right hand side. The smaller piece should fit over the top of the larger piece, as in the photo below.

5. Add some patterned paper to the different sections of the card if desired. I also added a stamped sentiment in the middle of the smaller piece of card stock, which will only be visible when the card is opened. Make sure you have the two sections facing the correct way before you add your papers and embellishments. 

6. Now it's time to attach the small piece to the large piece. Turn the smaller piece of card stock over so that the long section is still on the left hand side. Apply adhesive to the left half only of the long section. See the photo below where I've marked the position of the adhesive with pencil lines.

7. Flip it back over and secure it to the left hand side of the larger piece of card stock. I placed mine about 1/2" up from the bottom, but you can position it wherever it works best for your design.

8. Now we will secure the other side of the card. Add adhesive to the back of the small piece of card stock, between the last score line and the right hand edge.

9. Secure the last section of the small piece of card stock to the card base, 1/2" from the bottom and flush with the right hand edge. You've now finished the basic card.

10. Time to decorate! I used a stamped, coloured and fussy cut image as well as a sentiment stamp on the front of my card. As you can see, all of the different elements are also visible when the card is open. Happy crafting!

Stamps: Celebrations by Beccy's Place

Photographs and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir 2017.
All rights reserved.


Liz said...

Beautiful card, I love the fold. Thanks for the tutorial, with the measurements. xx

Gina said...

Was so looking at this style of card only yesterday! I thought that was how it was done, glad that you confirmed it so clearly for me :D XXX

TracyM #6773 said...

FABULOUS card Beccy!
LOVE the fancy folds, pretty papers, stamps and colours!
THANK YOU for sharing your tutorial and INSPIRATION, you make it look so easy :)

Margreet said...

Thanks for this great tutorial Beccy!
xxx Margreet

Gerry said...

Thank you for this great tutorial.Great card. I like it very much, and I will surely soon try to do it too :)

terrie said...

Such a wonderful card and thank you for the tutorial....I'm going to give this a try.....tfs

Teresa said...

I'm doing this! Thank you! Great card.

Fikreta said...

oh must try this fab card!
thank you for sharing!

Megan J said...

Hi Beccy, a wonderful tutorial on the double 'z' card, I love how you can position the strip in different places for different effects. Have a wonderful weekend... Megan

Crafting Queen said...

Wonderful card.

Cat happy person said...

I have tried to click on some of the card tutorials but the link no longer works - is there a problem with the site?

Beccy said...

No, there's no problem Cat, the card tutorials are a work in progress that I keep adding to. The links that don't work are the tutorials I haven't done yet. I add new fold ideas when I find them so the list is expanding slowly. If there's a particular fold you're interested in, just email me and I'll try and move it up on the list.

Borqna said...

Thank you!

BegoƱa said...

Wouuuuuuuu. ..its a nice gift from you... thanks a lot...

mnumerich said...

Have created a few of these to swap at Onstage this week. So pretty thank you for the pointers

SiskiyouSue said...

Thanks for this tutorial bank. I love your tuts, they're clear and the pictures make it easy to follow.