Monday, May 15

Signature Bear

Here in Australia, and probably in many other parts of the world too, it's common to have an item that is passed around at a party or celebration that can be signed by the guests. "Signature Bears" are one such item, and can be decorated with veils for weddings, party hats for 21st birthdays or mortar boards for graduations... like this little guy.

The Final Roll Call digital stamp set includes this bonus coloured image. The little signature bear comes complete with messages of congratulations and encouragement.

Final Roll Call
Digital Stamp Set


Megan J said...

Hi Beccy, I still have the one I took with me to my year 12 formal, no mortar board but a lovely black bowtie. I had many comments and had people say they wished they thought of doing that. A cute set for when people graduate from school or uni, have a wonderful week.... Megan

Borqna said...


Crafting Queen said...

Great card, love the design.

Teresa said...

Great set and card!

terrie said...

Great looking card and I also like the layout of your card....tfs