Sunday, April 30


Although it's technically a "secret", someone in our extended family is due to have a new baby later this year. I'm getting in nice and early with my preparations though... not all babies realise they're supposed to wait for their due date!

Saturday, April 29

New Release: Precious Baby

My goal in designing these baby stamps was to create a set that would be useful from the announcement through to the birth and first couple of birthdays. The idea is that you can mix and match the various image and sentiments depending on what occasion you're celebrating, including baby showers, christenings or naming days.

Precious Baby
Digital Stamp Set

My designers have used the images to create lots of wonderful cards and baby projects for all the little people in their lives. Check out their work below, but don't forget to visit their blogs for even more great ideas!

Two cards from Karin.

A wall hanging (above) and a card (below) from Anesha.

Carla's Card

AJ's Creation

Judy's Card

The remaining six cards were all created by Petra. 

Friday, April 28

Little Bear

Today I finished my little bear with a hand-stitched nose, a ribbon bow and a couple of tiny charms. I bought the pretty fabric at a craft show I attended earlier this year... it's actually three different pieces of fabric made by the same company who produces the Tilda series of stamps.

Thursday, April 27

Halfway There!

This is the little bear pattern I drafted yesterday, as you can see, he's now sewn up, stuffed and jointed. He just needs a few more features to finish him off properly.

Wednesday, April 26


I really enjoy drafting my own patterns... I'm always fascinated by what sort of character I'll end up with once the pieces are all joined together. In that sense, sewing is a lot like drawing for me, I'm never really sure exactly what the end result is going to be, but I'm always eager to find out!

For anyone who is interested in making their own teddy bears I thoroughly recommend this book. It's very easy to follow and contains lots of information about drafting patterns, making clothing and adding character to your creations.

I drafted a pattern for a 25cm bear.

Three cut out and ready to sew.

Monday, April 24

Fairy Wren

I decided to create a pretty shaped card today, using some of the large dies in my collection. They are easy to create as long as you remember not to cut through the spine of the card... what you see here is version two. I was daydreaming while making the first version of the card, and now have two pretty die-cut mats to use at a later date!

Saturday, April 22

New Release: Superb Fairy Wren

I was so excited to see a pair of these gorgeous little wrens flittering around our property late last year. The bright blue plumage of the little male stood out in stark contrast to the dull greens of the scrub, while the female blended in to her surroundings almost perfectly. I haven't seen them for quite some time, but I'm hoping they have set up a nesting site somewhere close... I'd love to see them with a little clutch of babies.

Superb Fairy Wren
Digital Stamp Set

Despite my designers being unfamiliar with this little bird, they've still done a brilliant job creating their cards and projects. You can check out their colouring below, and then pop over to their blogs for more information and loads of inspiring projects.

Petra created this absolutely beautiful card.
Here's what she wrote about colouring the image:
I coloured it with pencils, it took me a really long time because I did not just want to colour it in. I made a thousand little strokes with my pencils to achieve feathers that look almost real.

AJ coloured the image with watercolours for this beautiful effect.

Carla used both images in the set to create this little bush scene.

Anesha made two fabulous cards using both images from the set.

Karin's card features pretty shades of blue and green.

Judy decided on a yellow background to contrast beautifully with the little wren.

Thursday, April 20

A Spot of Ballet

Here she is again... this time in a pink and green ensemble!

Wednesday, April 19

Pretty in Purple

I had originally coloured this gift stack in a purple, silver and white colour scheme as an example for a wedding... but since I don't have any weddings on the horizon I thought I'd re-purpose it as a pretty birthday card.

Tuesday, April 18


Loads of glitter and a bunch of pretty markers was all I needed to create this birthday card. I kept it pretty simple with a background of embossed card stock and a decorative border punch.

Saturday, April 15

New Release: Celebrations

I think this is easily my favourite stamp set from the April release. I mostly like it because of how versatile it is... the gifts can be coloured up for any occasion where presents are given or exchanged. It has you covered for Christmas, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, baby showers, Valentine's day, Mother's and Father's day... and that's just off the top of my head!

Clear Stamp Set

Anesha, Carla and Petra have some created some wonderful projects using the images and sentiments from the new set. The next Beccy's Place newsletter will feature a template for Carla's fabulous pop up card as well as lots of inspiration for all the new releases this month.

A fun, mug-shaped card from Anesha...
as well as a pop and twist card...
and also a pretty birthday card.

Carla's card features a fabulous pop-up centre... 
She also used one of the sentiments with some strips of
pretty paper to create a CAS style card.

Petra made these two gorgeous cards,
one in blue and one in pink. 

Wednesday, April 12

Tutorial - Latch Cards

Okay, these cards are so easy to make that if you blink, you'll miss it!
Basically, it's a standard card with the front cut slightly shorter so you can add a little piece of card stock to act as a "latch" to keep it closed. That's really all there is to it... easy right?

1. Start with a card blank. The size really doesn't matter, but for those who are interested I used a piece of A5 folded in half, which makes a card that's about 6" x 4" when closed.

2. Cut a vertical strip 1" wide from the right hand side of the card front. Again, the size of the piece you remove doesn't really matter, you can adjust it for the particular design you'd like to make.

3. Place the card vertically on your score pad with the fold against the left hand side.

4. Score 3 or 4 lines on the back piece of the card, starting as close as you can to the front edge that you just cut. (See the photos below.) The score lines are to give the card some flexibility - DO NOT FOLD ALONG THE SCORE LINES.

5. Now decorate the card front however you like. I used some patterned paper, rhinestones and an image.

6. Now it's time to create your "latch". I find a circle shape works best, but you can really do just about any shape you like. Maybe a little fussy cut flower or a cute animal image? I kept it simple by printing a sentiment and cutting it out with a circle punch.

7. The "latch" attaches with a piece of foam tape to the back of the card. Place the tape to the right of the score lines and then secure the "latch" over the top.

8. As you can see, the score lines give the card stock enough flexibility to bend when opening and closing the card, plus there's the added benefit of being visible from both the front and the inside of the card!