Saturday, April 22

New Release: Superb Fairy Wren

I was so excited to see a pair of these gorgeous little wrens flittering around our property late last year. The bright blue plumage of the little male stood out in stark contrast to the dull greens of the scrub, while the female blended in to her surroundings almost perfectly. I haven't seen them for quite some time, but I'm hoping they have set up a nesting site somewhere close... I'd love to see them with a little clutch of babies.

Superb Fairy Wren
Digital Stamp Set

Despite my designers being unfamiliar with this little bird, they've still done a brilliant job creating their cards and projects. You can check out their colouring below, and then pop over to their blogs for more information and loads of inspiring projects.

Petra created this absolutely beautiful card.
Here's what she wrote about colouring the image:
I coloured it with pencils, it took me a really long time because I did not just want to colour it in. I made a thousand little strokes with my pencils to achieve feathers that look almost real.

AJ coloured the image with watercolours for this beautiful effect.

Carla used both images in the set to create this little bush scene.

Anesha made two fabulous cards using both images from the set.

Karin's card features pretty shades of blue and green.

Judy decided on a yellow background to contrast beautifully with the little wren.


Nancy Soetaert said...

great set stamps with lovely quotes!
awesome work from your DT!

Teresa said...


terrie said...

Beautiful cards....wonderful coloring....well done team

Crafting Queen said...

Great set.

Megan J said...

Hi Beccy, a wonderful set and an amazing array of inspiration from your team, they have all done and amazing job of colouring our Superb Fairy Wren, they also hang around here, often seen flitting around ti-tree bushes, most often the females, never seen the little male. Have a wonderful week... Megan

Fiki said...

wonderful image and wonderful cards!

TracyM #6773 said...

My parents are so lucky to have these tiny beauties in their garden and often watch them through the loungeroom window :)