Monday, April 10

Being Fabulous

How "in the moment" does Nell look in this image? Not worried about who's watching, whether or not she's doing the moves correctly, or even thinking about how much cellulite is on her thighs! Ahhh... the freedom of being fabulous!


Jean said...

Great card, love this image and your colouring.. Yes she def looks in the moment.
Jean xx

Teresa said...

You go Nell!! Cute!

Crafting With Darcy said...

I just bought this set but haven't had a chance to use it! I love the card you made!!

Borqna said...

She is fabulous!
Thank you, Beccy! Fantastic card and mood!

TracyM #6773 said...

She is just FABULOUS!
... a wonderful reminder of how we remain young at heart as our body ages on us!