Thursday, September 27

Holly Ornament

My Mother-in-law has a beautiful Christmas tree that she decorates each year with gorgeous decorations and sentimental ornaments that she's collected over the years.  Before I saw her tree I was used to the types of Christmas trees my family has always decorated... the ones that look as though they were at ground zero at a tinsel factory explosion!
Anyway, I have long since given up the glittery tinsel and their bits of sparkle that fly around the house until mid-March, in favour of twinkly white lights and lovely ornaments made from a variety of different mediums.

Vivien used the image multiple times to create this beautiful card.

Janice used pinks, reds and greens to colour the image and then topped it off with a wonderful satin bow.  Thanks for a fabulous month of inspiration Janice!

Eret has gone traditional with this gorgeous creation complete with white lace and faux stitching.

I used lots of white in my card and popped up the image with double-sided tape.

Monday, September 24

Pumpkin Set

This set of pumpkin images contains both plain pumpkins and gourds, which would be great for autumn and Thanksgiving inspired projects, as well as jack-o-lanterns ready to adorn your Hallowe'en projects.  The set contains five black and white line drawings and three full-colour images.

Eret made this seasonal card using the plain gourd image.

Janice made a card for Halloween using the plain pumpkins
overlaid with one of the pumpkin lanterns that she cut out.

My card was made using the pumpkin lantern image.

Saturday, September 22

"For You" Freebie

Original artwork by Beccy Muir, all rights reserved. Images are for personal use and must not be copied, swapped, shared, resold or mass produced without the express written permission of the artist.

Thursday, September 20

Spider Witch Hat

I wonder what the dressing table of a witch would look like?  I imagine she would have just as many lotions and potions as the rest of us as well as jewellery and hat stands lining her shelves, and let's not forget the shoes... oh the shoes!
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Viv made this cute trick or treat card.

Eret used the image to make a bottle tag to decorate the table.

I also made a greeting card.

Wednesday, September 19

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Monday, September 17

Nobody's Perfect

Both my daughters were in Christmas plays when they were little and both wore home-made or school-made costumes that involved safety pins and string, which sometimes made for some very funny and completely unscripted scenes!
The image I have for you today is dedicated to all the mothers out there who have pinned, stapled, stitched and glued costumes for their little people only to suffer (or chuckle) through dramatic on-stage wardrobe failures... I completely understand!

Viv made her beautiful card in lovely soft shades of pink and blue.

Janice created a wonderful Christmas card in gorgeous, non-traditional colours.

I put together a Christmas card using embossing and punched flowers and foliage.

Thursday, September 13

Holiday Hearth Set

In my humble opinion, there's nothing more homey than an open fireplace with a festive mantle.  It's the perfect spot for homemade garlands, long Christmas stockings, gourds and orange pumpkins and lots of deliciously scented candles!
Today I have a collection of images for you titled Holiday Hearth.  It includes a fireplace, pumpkins, cauldron, candles, stockings, candy canes and a log fire as well as coloured versions of each image.  The images can be used together to create a holiday scene or as separate elements for more simple designs... it's mix and match!

Eret made this really cute card by following the shape of the hearth.
(Santa legs are not a part of the set)

Vivien made three great cards using all the different items in the set.

Janice went for a Fall themed project by using one of the elements from the collection.

I used the stocking image for these simple Christmas greetings.

Saturday, September 8

Cookie Bundle Freebie


Originally Designed: September 2012
Remastered: February 2021
Original artwork by Beccy Muir, all rights reserved. Images are for personal use and must not be copied, swapped, shared, resold or mass produced without the express written permission of the artist.

Thursday, September 6

Haunted Birdhouse

I absolutely love this time of the year.  Everyone is starting to gear up for the holidays and although Hallowe'en is not traditionally celebrated here in Australia, it seems to be more popular as the years go by.  People are making costumes, decorating their houses and stocking up on chocolates and candies... oh the delicious pleasure!  Then not long after Hallowe'en comes my all time favourite holiday, that most wonderful time of the year, Christmas!  Needless to say, things around here are going to be very festive over the next couple of months.

 Janice has inspired us with this fabulous autumn-toned card.

 Viv has added a few fun extras to create this cute Hallowe'en greeting.
Eret has made this super spooky card using all the fabulous colours of the holiday.

Wednesday, September 5

Tutorial - Criss Cross Cards

Criss cross cards get their name from the two panels that cross over the front of the card.  You'll get different looks depending on your measurements and how you cut and fold the panels, but once you have the basic idea you can easily experiment by altering sizes, shapes and folds.
1.  Start with a piece of cardstock measuring 5" x 12".

2.  Score at 31/2" and again at 81/2".

3.  Fold along the score lines pressing firmly to achieve nice, sharp folds.

4.  Cut away some of the outside panels using a craft knife or trimmer.  The measurement and shape of the cut is up to you and the outcome you are trying to achieve.  I cut mine from the top of the fold to 11/2" up from the bottom of the card.

5.  Now that you have the basic card you can add some patterned paper and embellishments.  I added a 43/4" square of patterned paper to the inside of the card, then cut smaller pieces to fit the panels, inside and out.

6.  I used a border punch and some matching cardstock to add a trim around the top edges of the card.

7.  I added a piece of ribbon all the way around the outside of the card, securing it with double sided tape except in the section where I wanted to add a bow.

8.  Your focal image or sentiment can be added to the top front panel of the card.  It only needs to be secured on one side.  Alternatively, you can create a decorative band that slips over the card and holds it closed.

9.  I added a bow on the left side of the second panel, which tucks over the top of the focal image effectively holding the card closed.  Easy!

Monday, September 3

Blossom Sprig

Spring has finally arrived here in Australia!  It's not that our winters are particularly harsh but I do look forward to the arrival of warmer weather, rain and blooming flowers.  To celebrate the season I have designed a little sprig of blossoms that can be coloured to match your project.

Viv has created this beautiful birthday card in soft shades of yellow.

Janice has put together an elegant, monochromatic sympathy card using lots of neutrals.
Eret made this beautiful card with soft pastel colours and lots of texture.

I created this card by layering a large sprig of flowers in the bottom corner and popping out a little frame around the sentiment.