Sunday, May 31

Time to Shake Things Up!

My wonderful designers have been helping me come up with ideas to liven up the monthly challenge, and I think you're going to enjoy their suggestions!  The full details will be in the June challenge, but here's an idea of some of the changes:
Winner's Badges

"Anything Goes"

Five Winners

I hope you'll play along!

Friday, May 29

Christine's Card

Whoops, I've done it again!  I left out another one of my lovely designers cards... my apologies Christine.  Here's her gorgeous creation, full of wonderful vibrant colours and fabulous embellishments.

Monday, May 25

Scrap Card #18

I really liked the colours on today's scrap background so I decided to keep the embellishments to a minimum.  I stamped a simple butterfly and coloured it with my copic markers, trying to match the colours to what I was seeing in the background papers.  I trimmed the image panel down so that it fit exactly over the centre four squares, then framed it with some little pearl strips.

Friday, May 22

Gone Fishin' Set

When I was growing up, my family regularly went fishing.  We would visit rivers, creeks and beaches with all the paraphernalia required to hook one of those allusive critters.  Most times we'd come back empty-handed, but it really didn't seem to matter all that much.  I think the joy was in being together in the great outdoors, learning to be patient and stopping for ice-cream on the way home... that was my favourite part!
Gone Fishin' Set

Judy's Card

Astrid's Card
Christine's Card

Anesha made this fantastic cushion... 
...and a card.

Two creations from Shirley

Two cards from Petra

Tuesday, May 19

Tutorial - Easel Box Card

If you're looking for a novel way to give a little gift, then look no further than this fabulous card fold.  Easel box cards have a built in "drawer" that can slide open to reveal a little present, gift card or some birthday money, as well as a wonderful easel card secured right on top!
1.  To make the easel card, cut one piece of cardstock measuring 4" x 8" and one measuring 4" x 4".

2.  Score the long piece of cardstock at 2" and at 4" and make mountain folds on both score lines.
3.  Now assemble your easel card.  If you need full instructions on how to make an easel card, click here.  When complete, set the card aside and start working on the box.

 4.  Trim a piece of heavy weight cardstock to 6" x 6".  Score 1" from each of the four edges and make valley folds along each score line.

5.  To make the box sit properly when constructed, I use a sharp pair of scissors to trim out the score line from each of the corner tabs giving the cardstock more room to fold.

6.  Place some adhesive on the back of each tab, then fold the sides in and secure the tabs inside the box as shown below.

7.  To make a case for the box, trim a piece of cardstock to 4" x 12".  Use the box as a guide for measuring the position of each fold line.  Use double sided tape or glue to adhere the overlapping ends together to create the case.  Remember not to make it too tight or the box won't slide easily in and out.

8.  Cut eight pieces of patterned paper measuring 33/4" x 3/4" and one piece measuring 33/4" x 33/4".  These are for decorating the box and case you just created.

9.  Add one of the strips to the outside front of the box.  Next we're going to attach a decorative brad in the middle to function as a tiny knob or handle.
Tip: I like to add some pieces of foam tape to the back of the brad so that it stands away from the box a little bit making it easier to grasp. 

10.  Pierce the centre front of the box and place your brad through the hole.  Flatten out the battens in the back.

11.  Now adhere patterned papers to the inside of the box and to the outside back panel.
See... no patterned paper on the sides of my box.

12.  All that's left is to secure the easel card to the top of the case with some glue or double sided tape... and don't forget to add a treat in the drawer!

Friday, May 15

New Release: Cuddlebugs Set

I had a great time drawing and colouring these cute little bugs, they were so much fun!  I had initially designed the set for Valentine's Day, but thought they would also be great for birthdays, anniversaries and celebrations.
Cuddlebugs Set

Three cards from Petra

Christine's Card
Judy's Card

Astrid's Creation

Two cards from Anesha

Two cards from Shirley