Thursday, May 31

Digital Release: Just Desserts

Just Desserts is now available as a digital set! One of our most popular and versatile sets, the images from Just Desserts are great for any occasion where cake is on the menu, and let's face it, every day is a good day for cake!
Just Desserts
digital stamp set

Tuesday, May 29


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Monday, May 28

Girl's Weekend

Every year my craft group goes away for a couple of days on a retreat, which to us, means laughing, shopping, eating, talking and generally having a great time. This year we hired a small bus and headed south-west through the Scenic Rim and into the Southern Downs, staying at a country town called Warwick, overnight. These are a few photos of the things we saw and the places we stopped.





Sunday, May 27

Full of Fun

Aside from my oldest child, our family is pretty lean on thrill-seekers. Most of us would choose a lovely slow cruise or a gentle swinging chair, preferably close to the ground, over a thrill ride. The most excitement we get is climbing the stairs to whatever slow ride is on offer!

Stamps: Ferris Wheel

Thursday, May 24

New Release: Ferris Wheel

This fun set of digital stamps is perfect for all the thrill-seekers out there. Colour it up in their favourite hues, add a little sparkle to the lights and team it with one of the sentiments for a fabulous birthday greeting.

Ferris Wheel
digital stamp set

My designers have created some awesome cards with the new set. Stop by their blogs to find out all the details and to check out some of their other work.

Tuesday, May 22

See You At The Show!

Click the picture to visit the official Expo site!


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Monday, May 21

The New Girls

Working with the "new girls" is so much fun! Today I decided to make them speckled hens by adding dots of white pen over the black and grey marker. Each chook is then fussy cut and adhered to the card with foam tape.

Saturday, May 19

Spring Chickens

These ladies are having a bit of a natter in the barnyard!

Thursday, May 17

New Release: Spring Chickens

These plucky ladies are the queens of the barnyard and certainly know how to strut their stuff. Perfect for gracing the cards of good friends and fun-loving family members, they're sure to get a chuckle or two at the next birthday gathering.

Spring Chickens
digital stamp set

My designers have created some chuckle-worthy projects to help inspire you...

Wednesday, May 16


I use markers on white card stock to get a perfect match when I don't have any card stock in the colour I need. It's a good idea to cut it to size first so you don't waste time and ink on areas that you're just going to cut away.

Tuesday, May 15


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Monday, May 14

A Note of Thanks

I created my "glass jar" by adding a layer of glossy accents over the top of the coloured layer. It doesn't take long to dry and gives a beautiful shiny finish... it's also one of my favourite glues.

Saturday, May 12

No-Line Colouring

No-line colouring is a simple technique that involves stamping your image with a light coloured ink before colouring. It gives the impression that the work has been hand-drawn.

Thursday, May 10

New Release: Blooming Tools

I know lots of people who would love to receive a big bunch of tools for their birthday or other special occasion. D.I.Y. is everywhere and doing your own renovations and upgrades is definitely the in thing. So of course we need some stamps for that!
Most of the sentiments in this set have been designed for the fabulous guys in your life - sons, uncles, dads, grandfathers - but there are a couple of general sentiments for creating cards and paper craft projects for everyone who loves to swing a hammer.

clear stamp set

And while we're on the subject of D.I.Y. check out these projects by my designers...

Tuesday, May 8


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Monday, May 7

Tutorial: Undertones

When I colour a group of items, such as these three roses, I often like to distinguish between them without making them completely different colours. I want to end up with three red roses, but I want them to be subtly different. One way to do this is by adding undertones.

An undertone is simply a base colour that is laid down, before you start colouring, to give a different tone to the end product. You can vary the "temperature" of your image by using "cool" or "warm" undertones... blues and purples are usually "cool", while reds and yellows are generally "warm".

Start by adding three undertone colours to the roses - red, peach and yellow. When using pencils, make sure you use a light touch when adding your layers or the pigment won't lay down evenly.

Now I colour over the top with the same red pencil. You can see the tone still showing through the pigment. As I add layers of colour, the different tones will become more subtle.

Even though I have ended up with three red roses, you can still see a subtle difference, particularly with the front rose which has definite yellow tones.

You can use the same technique for foliage too. In this case, I'm adding a bright yellow green to the new growth and the leaves that are positioned in the front of the image. Light, bright colours appear to come forward, while dark colours recede.

After adding a layer of the same green to all the leaves, you can still see the bright areas where I added the undertone colour. Notice how those areas catch your eye?

This technique works with most colouring mediums, including pencils, paint and markers. (Watercolours are a little different given their unique qualities.) As always, practice makes perfect... and it's always fun to play!

Photographs and written instructions are copyright Beccy Muir.
All rights reserved