Sunday, May 27

Full of Fun

Aside from my oldest child, our family is pretty lean on thrill-seekers. Most of us would choose a lovely slow cruise or a gentle swinging chair, preferably close to the ground, over a thrill ride. The most excitement we get is climbing the stairs to whatever slow ride is on offer!

Stamps: Ferris Wheel


  1. Oh Beccy this is a stunning card. I love the Ferris Wheel. Our family love theme park rides I do some but my daughter and husband are fearless. There isn't much they wouldn't do. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. Hi Beccy, a very pretty card, were not much for rides, I prefer terra firma (and yes the firmer the better!) Have a wonderful week... Megan

  3. So pretty is your card lovely the design and the image you used me too l'm not very good with big wheels x

  4. That would be about the limit of my excitement too Beccy - a beautiful card!

  5. Such a gorgeous card Beccy .. love colours combinations used and great dig too.. thanks for sharing, agree re low key thrill rides here ..
    ... thank you very much for your lovely comment on my blog.. I sponged image .. bit of flowers and die cut too but was surprised you noticed.
    My photo simply did not show lovely Delicata gold sheen.
    Great creativity here, 😊 Shaz in Oz.x