Monday, September 17

Nobody's Perfect

Both my daughters were in Christmas plays when they were little and both wore home-made or school-made costumes that involved safety pins and string, which sometimes made for some very funny and completely unscripted scenes!
The image I have for you today is dedicated to all the mothers out there who have pinned, stapled, stitched and glued costumes for their little people only to suffer (or chuckle) through dramatic on-stage wardrobe failures... I completely understand!

Viv made her beautiful card in lovely soft shades of pink and blue.

Janice created a wonderful Christmas card in gorgeous, non-traditional colours.

I put together a Christmas card using embossing and punched flowers and foliage.


  1. What a delightful image, she does look a little woe-be-gone! That expression could make for some great card themes! All the cards are fabulous!

  2. What a gorgeous cards.

    Hugs Rietxx

  3. Gorgeous card and Love the image Beccy..Loz

  4. such great cards, love the images....