Thursday, September 25

Mini Album - Page 11 & 12

We're finally at the halfway point of the album... this is also the point where I decided that future albums would be considerably smaller!
Page 11 is another fold out page with the flap on the right hand side.  I added some patterned paper and a pocket to the outside flap, and then lined the inside with matching papers.
Page 12 was decorated quite simply with some patterned paper, a die cut and a doily.

The die cut was too large for my page and I also wanted something with a flat edge, so the best solution was to cut it in half.
Pages 11 and 12.
I added the pages to the album in the usual way but found they didn't sit well over the binding.  As they are the centre pages they had to straddle the extra cardstock over the join.  To help compress the bulk and secure the pages properly I added a metal clamp tag that sits either side of the page.

Pages 13 and 14