Thursday, September 4

Hooray for Spring!

Spring has officially arrived in Australia, and already my garden is starting to bloom... actually the geraniums have been out all through winter this year, so I really can't complain too much.  They seem to be the one flower that does well in my garden, obviously they thrive on neglect!


Swissie said...

It is just wonderful that spring has arrived, Beccy. Here in Europe we soon have to prepare for autumn and winter.
Your card is just wonderful! The colours on the leaves are so natural.
Greetings from Switzerland, Swissie

Teresa said...

Pretty card! Spring is so nice. We are looking forward to fall here--waiting for the fall colors to arrive. Don't get nearly so many as the northern states, but we do get some. South Carolina USA

Eret said...

It is so nice to finally have time to visit your blog again over a long time. I missed it.
Your card is so beautiful. Especially your coloring. You should start making coloring tutorials as well beside your fabulous card fold tutorials.