Thursday, November 8

Comment Winner - Day Seven

Congratulations Suzanne!
Your comment has won you a $5.00AU store credit at Beccy's Place.
If you already have a Beccy's Place store account, I'll be adding a $5.00AU credit very soon.
If not, please email me at to claim your prize.

Congratulations Donna! I know what you mean. I only used pre-colored images last year, but now I thought why not try to color some myself. They're not perfect but I'm having fun learning. Can't wait to see more of your cards.


  1. Congrats Suzanne! What a step forward for you Suzanne. I wish I could shade colors better to make things look more realistic. But it sure is fun trying things out.

  2. Congrats suzanne and so glad your trying the colouring

  3. Congrats Suzanne...enjoy your prize

  4. Thanks so much! I'm having lots of fun. Just don't look to closely at my coloring :)