Friday, August 6

Green Apples...

My second daughter is the sweetest little girl around. She has a very quirky nature and does things in her own, very unique, way. She can be particular about the strangest things while other considerations don't even cross her mind... like cleaning her room! For some reason she just loves to buy green apples even though she complains about how sour they are when she eats them. I remind her every time we go to the shops, but she insists they are her favourites and so we always end up with a few in the trolley. I asked her about them again the other day and she told me she likes to eat them because they make her eyes wink!! Now how can you argue with that?


  1. I definitely could not argue with that reasoning and this image is adorable.

  2. I just love it what A lovely reason to eat green apples give her A big hug from me I love all your work I look in every day.
    Hugs Mary.

  3. No you can't argue with that, Oh! the things they come up with are priceless.
    I love your bear.

  4. How adorable. That is a wonderful answer. Thank you for the lovely image.

  5. thats so cute
    thank you for the image