Monday, August 9

Deirdre the Flower Fairy

I named this fairy for a good friend who reminded me that fairies come in many different shapes and sizes! As you can see, she's an exuberant little thing with a real joy for life... perfect for celebratory cards.


chrissy xx said...

Brilliant! Made me smile this morning. Thank you.

Julie said...

Oh, she's fun! I know someone who looks very much like her.

Thanks for the download. xxx

Foxycrafts said...

You can't help but smile when you see that lovely face.

Thanks so much.

Love Joan xx

Cindy N. said...

That is so true. Thank you!

laney said...

Hi Becccy
I love diedre!! I think she is Fab!!
I'm definately a fan I have just coloured her up ready to put on a card
Thank you for your kindness sharing your wonderful images with us, cant wait to colour up Deidre 2 LOL!!

laney said...

Finished my card Beccy thanks for the image here is a link so that you may like to take a look thanks again hugs