Saturday, August 14

Technique Class - Puff Paint Cupcakes

Puff paint is a very versatile, easy to use medium that is also lots of fun! You can use it to add fur to animals, for beards, clouds, snow or as trim for Santa's coat. Use coloured puff paint for rocks, tree trunks or to add dimension to scrapbook pages and handmade cards.
Today I want to share a tutorial on making creamy cupcakes for cards or scrapbook pages.

Coloured cupcake image
Foam tape
Puff Paint
Heat gun
Assorted cardstock
Embellishments of choice - I used ribbon and rhinestones

1. Colour the cupcake image as desired. Even though you are going to coat the top of the cake with puff paint, it's still important to colour the entire picture as you will leave some gaps in the "cream" for effect.

2. Cut out the image.

3. Mount your cupcake with foam tape on to some darker coloured cardstock. Remember that we will be using white puff paint which will show up best against a dark background.

4. Squeeze the puff paint straight from the tube onto the top of the cupcake. Work from the bottom to the top leaving gaps between each row, which will allow some of the "cake" to peek through. Keep in mind that puff paint expands to several times it's original size, so don't overdo it.

5. Heat gently with a heat gun until the paint expands. Keep applying the heat until the paint no longer puffs, but take care not to burn it.

6. I used some pink Kaiser rhinestones and a little brown organza bow to embellish my cake. It's now ready to use on your project!


  1. Fantastic tutorial like Angie says "need to get put paint now". :-) xx

  2. wow its stunning hunny , huggs jo x

  3. Thank you Beccy, i'm going to try this tomorrow!
    Mandy x

  4. This is so darling - starting out with such a plain cake, I thought you'd have to do so much to get it looking so sweet - great tutorial. Time to get some puff paint now! :-) TFS!

  5. Your cupcake looks soooo yummy and real, not to mention beautiful. :) Thanks for the great tutorial. I have to get some puff paint and try this.

  6. Looks oh sooo yummy! What brand of puff paint do you use? I would luv to get the same one.


  7. Looks yummy enough to est...Oops I can't, I haven't had dinner yet! Next time I got into town I will add white puff paint to the list to get! Thankz!

  8. What is the name brand on the puff paint? I asked around at my craft store only to be told they don't sell it anymore? Help?
    Blessings, Donna