Tuesday, January 25

Snapdragon Card

My card stash is running critically low right now, partly because I've been occupied with some pretty serious relaxing and partly because I went on a search, gasp and destroy mission in my old card box. For those of us who are long-term card makers (and part-time hoarders) it's definitely worth trauling back through your stash to see some of your old work. I got more than a chuckle from some of the cards I found!
Now, after such a serious cull I had to start the process of rebuilding, so here is today's addition to the box...


  1. Just found your blog....its gorgeous and what a very talented lady you are, Stunning card too :o)
    hugs and xxx

  2. This is a gorgeous card, Beccy. Very elegant!

  3. This is gorgeous! I need to make some more cards, too, but I've been engrossed in sewing for the last two months. (I think I have a one-track mind.) :)