Tuesday, January 25

Crediting the Artist

Thanks for all the feedback you've been leaving for me... I always enjoy reading your thoughts and having a laugh at some of the things you say. There are some very humorous people out there, which is always great to see!
I noticed recently that there was some discussion about adding my name to the title of my digital stamps so that you could credit me when you post them on your blog. I do appreciate people linking back to my blog, or mentioning that I am the artist, but to be perfectly honest, I really don't mind. I'm happy for you to share my images amongst your friends, use them for your projects or classes and make gorgeous works of art for individual sale.
The only thing I ask is that you don't deliberately claim them as your own, sell the image or remove my mark (the little "B") from the picture. Otherwise, go for it and have fun!


Annemaritta said...

I've been thinking the same, and I've named digis I've downloaded from you beccymuir-diginame. Thank you so much sharing your talent with us. Now I will look for that "B".

P.S. I'm working on the Old Boots now :)

mamichelle said...

You are very generous and I appreciate it! I love your images!

Sea Garden said...

Thanks very much! You are very talented and so generous to share yours for free. I make/donate cards for the troops and for sure your art will be very much appreciated by many of their families and friends.

theCook said...

You're very generous!

Nicole said...

To the images I have downloaded, I added "Beccy's place" to them, so I know where I got them. The other day, there was a lady asking me, where I found the slim snowman and it was easy for me to redirect her to your blog.

Thanks for sharing your beautiful work!!

Purple Card Lady said...

I too have added your name to the file when I save them so that way I know where they come from. I feel that the you are so generous and kind to share your talent with us, you deserve ALL the credit. Thank you again. BTW: I love the "Miss" ladies. :-D

jaimie said...

Hi Beccy,

i hope i say it right, but i try, (i'm from belgium)

I wil announce your name and link your blog on my blog, ,
that's just me, ik think you diserve the credit , you make cute digi's and so people wil find your gorgeous work and talent !!

Greetings, Jaimie