Tuesday, December 15

Poinsettia Card 3

Quiltish Tendencies
Every time I think I'm done with the poinsettia image another idea pops into my head and I just have to share it with you! Remember that a lot of these techniques can be used with other printables or your regular stamp collection, so don't be afraid to experiment. Now, on to today's project...
Those of you who know me, know that I love quilts. And those of you who know me very well also know that I don't have the personality to actually sit down and sew one of these gorgeous creations. So to get my fix I often design and make items that are "quilt-like", minus the hours of patience and devotion that I simply don't seem to possess. For this project I have printed the poinsettia image on to three different patterned papers with the idea of creating a "faux-applique" design (is there such a phrase??) and then using it to create a card with quiltish tendencies.
1. Select three different patterned papers - one green and two red - and print the image on the back of each.
2. Cut out the larger background petals from the green paper. As you can see from the pictures, I simply ignored the smaller petals that are in the foreground as these will be cut from the red paper.
3. Cut out all five of the small petals from both sheets of red paper. You don't need to use them all when assembling your flower if you don't want to, but I preferred the fuller look.
4. Use a stylus to emboss along the vein of each of the leaves on the green paper as shown. Work on a foam mat or nice spongey mouse pad so that the paper can stretch easily.
5. Using co-ordinating ink pads, ink around the edges of your cut outs to get rid of the white paper core and to give some depth to your leaves and petals.
6. Use matching pens to add very small "stitches" around the edges of the leaves and petals. This will give the impression that the cutouts have been sewn.
7. Assemble your poinsettia as desired. Try to avoid placing the same red petals side by side as this will draw attention to the fact that they are exactly the same. Spend some time experimenting with different layouts and then adhere it all together when you have a result you are happy with.
8. Hand-stitch some beads to the centre of the flower. (That's almost quilting right??) Alternatively you could add rhinestones, pearls, buttons or whatever you find appealing. Now your poinsettia is ready for use on your project!
Have fun!


  1. Yet another GORGEOUS card! You must have the patience of a Saint! Love this!

  2. This is beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing the instructions!


  4. That is just stunning, thank you!

  5. Thank you! Thank You! Thank you! I have downloaded all of the freebies that you have so freely shared. I loved them all. I am new to digital stamping and card making and to have some wonderful stamps to play with is SO wonderful. I also took advantage of all of the tutorials that you have listed on the right hand column. Thank you for all of those as well. Thank you!

  6. I have been looking through your blog and your designs are wonderful. Thank you for sharing them with us. I love this idea about the quilted poinsettia.

  7. I think you are not only very talented,but extremely generous in sharing that talent.
    Thank you.

  8. Great tutorial and good idea. Thanks for

  9. You have the most wonderful tutorials. Thank you so much for writing them. I love this poinsettia.

  10. Love this. I think I'm going to give it a try myself.