Monday, December 14

Poinsettia Card 2

Layering Multiple Images
This card was made using the same little poinsettia pattern that I posted last month. Unlike the original, it has some big green leaves and multiple layers of petals with lots of dimension. When you look at the image side on, you can see what appears to be four distinct layers, but believe it or not I achieved this look with only two copies of the same image.


1. Firstly, you need to download the image into your browser and paste it into an appropriate program (I usually use Word or MSPaint). You can find the pattern under the November 2009 "Printable #2" post.

2. Shrink the first image to the size that will comfortably fit your card or project then make the second image about 30% smaller, as in the picture shown. You want to be able to lay the smaller image over the larger and still see a good portion of the leaves and petals.

3. Now you will need to flip one of the pictures so that it is the mirror image of the other. You should be able to do this using the tools that are included with the program you are using. I flipped my picture in Word using the "format picture" toolbar.
4. Colour the image using your preferred method. Instead of making all the petals red on the larger image, paint the back ones green to form lovely big leaves. Don't forget to add your highlights and shadows to give extra depth to the images.
5. Using a nice sharp pair of scissors or a craft knife, cut out your coloured poinsettias.
6. Carefully cut most of the way around the top petals in the smaller image leaving them connected where they join the stem. We are going to "pop" these petals up to give one of the layers of dimension. Refer to the next two photos.
7. Using a craft knife, carefully cut the centre from the larger image and put aside. This is what you should now have on your table:
8. Use a large stylus or the end of a rounded pen to shape the petals of the smaller image. Do this by placing the image face down on a piece of foam and pressing and rubbing on the back to curve and shape the cardstock.
9. Now you are ready to assemble your poinsettia. Begin by adhering the centre of the small poinsettia to the centre of the large poinsettia. Add some foam tape or a "pop dot" to the back of the centre cluster and attach that to the middle of the small poinsettia as shown below.
10. When the adhesive is dry, add a piece of strong double-sided tape to the very centre back of your poinsettia, which will fix it to your card or backing mat. Add a ring of "pop dots" or pieces of foam tape about 1/2" out from the double sided tape.
11. Press the centre of the poinsettia firmly to the background card and allow the ring of foam tape to adhere at the same time. This should cause the leaves and petals to stand up from the card.
12. Add foam tape or "pop dots" to the back of each petal and leaf. Keep the foam tape toward the centre back on the leaves and larger petals. For the five very top petals that you cut around, place the foam tape more toward the base of the petals, which will force them to stand higher than the other leaves. You can place a second piece of foam tape to the centre back of the small petals if desired.
13. Glue or tape the very tips of the green leaves and some of the larger petals to the backing cardstock so they no longer stick up at the ends.
14. I sealed my poinsettia with some high gloss varnish to really bring out the beautiful colours and give it a lovely shine. It's now ready to use on your project!
Have fun!


Peggy said...

beautiful card!!!

Lindsay M. said...

Gogeous card!!! Right when I saw that digi, I thought about layering!! Thank you for the great tips!!! soooo pretty!

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