Friday, November 20

Little House

I made this little house from a sheet of chipboard, some patterned paper and embellishments. The cardstock used to cover the roof was embossed through a cuttlebug and then inked to reveal the snowflake pattern.

It was relatively easy to put together once I worked out the extra paper needed to cover the added thickness of the chipboard. The completed project measures about 7" in height and 3" square, so it's the perfect size to decorate a dressing table or sideboard.
I am hoping to make a little gingerbread house sometime before Christmas and will put up some step-by-step instructions and photos for anyone interested in having a go.


  1. This is such a sweet project!!! A gingerbread village would be so lovely! Great blog Beccy!!! That photo of you is fabulous too! You look marvelous!

  2. Oh Beccy you are such a creative bunny... You certainly have a knack for the creative side of paper. Looking forward to the Gingerbread house :)

  3. wow just found this an love it are the instructions anywhere on here?
    Linda K.

    1. Oh my goodness, this was a long time ago! I don't think there were any instructions Linda, nothing that I remember anyway. I'll have to add it to my to do list.