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Sunday, September 21, 2014

Mini Album - Page 3 & 4

Moving right along to pages 3 and 4, which are pretty much the same as other pages that I have made.  On page 3 I have added a photo matt that doubles as a tag pocket, and on page 4 I have made a pocket that holds two tags - one large and one small.
Page Four

The large tag...
... and the small tag. 
I don't want a pocket between these two pages so I simply add double sided tape to all the edges, as well as a few pieces to the centre for good measure.

The pages are placed in the album in the same manner, remembering to leave a gap between the edge of the page and the fold of the binding.

My album is starting to fill up nicely.  I really like the tags and embellishments that are sticking out from the top and side.

Saturday, September 20, 2014

Mini Album - Page 1 & 2

The next step in our mini album is creating the pages.  Each page is affixed back to back to a partner, as you'd find in a normal book, so I'm going to work in pairs, securing each double page into my album as it is created.
Each page is going to measure 6" x 6", although I want some of the pages to have a fold out section, which I'll explain when we move onto page two.  For now, I'm going to start with one 6" x 6" piece of brown cardstock and one 6" x 6" piece of patterned paper.
I used double-sided tape to adhere the paper and cardstock together, then started adding pockets and embellishments.  The long piece of patterned paper on the page below is a pocket that opens on the left-hand side.  It will hold a square tag.

The back of the tag is decorated with a sentiment stamp leaving plenty of room for journaling or even some small photos.

The completed page.  As you can see, I added a couple of butterflies and also decorated the front of the tag with patterned paper, some little letters and a charm.

Page two has a flip out section on the left hand side.  To create this, I started with a piece of cardstock measuring 6" x 9" then folded it so I ended up with a 3" flap that can open and close.  I used a scallop border punch to add a nice edge.
Here are my two pages side by side.  When I secure them to the binding of my album, they will be back to back.
Add a couple of lengths of double sided tape to the back of your pages, ensuring that you add it to the side that is going to be secured to the binding.
I want to make a pocket between the two pages for a large tag, so as with the smaller tag pockets, I've used double sided tape on three sides leaving a place for a large tag to slide in and out.

I don't want my tag to slide all the way into the pocket so I add an extra piece of tape where I want it to stop.

Now I will secure the pages to my binding, starting with page one.  Remove the backing of the double sided tape and line up the edge of the page with the first piece of binding. 

Don't let the page go all the way down to the fold line or you'll have trouble keeping the pages closed.  I left about 1/8" between the edge of the page and the fold line.

Now secure page two to the back of page one.  The double sided tape we applied before will hold it in place as well as form the pocket for the large tag.

Now we have our first double page in place.  All that's left is to decorate the tag and place it between the two pages.

Here's the decorated tag...

... and the page complete with tag.

Tomorrow we'll move on to pages 3 & 4.

Friday, September 19, 2014

Mini Album - Decorating the Cover

Yesterday we created the cover and binding for our mini album.  Ideally, you will have left it to dry overnight so that the varnish and glue has had time to set and hold everything securely in place before you decorate.
When I decorate an album, I like to have several items that repeat throughout the project to help keep it cohesive.  In this case, I'm going to add doilies, ribbon and self-adhesive pearls as well as using a consistent colour scheme of brown, pink and green.  All these items won't show up on every page, but there will be enough of them throughout the book to create cohesion.
Here's a step-by-step photo montage of the way I decorated my cover.  I used a combination of glue, double-sided tape and foam tape to secure all the elements.

This is how my cover looked when I finished.

I didn't want to waste any space at all in my book so I decided to add embellishments and tags to the inside cover, back and front.

To create pockets for tags, simply use double-sided tape along the bottom and sides of patterned paper, leaving the top open for the tag to slide in and out.

I created pockets for the back cover in the same way.
Here I layered a small pocket over a larger one.

Now create tags to fit each of the pockets.  I find you need to make the tags about 1/2" narrower than the pocket opening, which is the measurement between the pieces of double-sided tape, so that they slide in and out with ease.
Make tags from pieces of cardstock, decorated with patterned paper, ribbons and embellishments.  Remember to decorate both sides of your tags, particularly if they are going to protrude outside the edges of the book cover.
Front and Back 
Front and Back 
Tomorrow we'll start adding pages to our album.