Saturday, May 22

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  1. I love anything Graphic 45 with lots of parts and layers. :) You do such a great job! I'm a new follower and I love to see what you have come up with. :)

  2. I'm always looking for images to use on guy cards. If a guy isn't into sports there doesn't seem to be a lot of stuff around.

  3. i see lots od girl fairies around hou about some boy fairies doing boy stuff?

  4. I would love the pattern for your embroidered mice.They are the cutest thing ever.


  5. Beccy,

    I just found your blog and became a follower.

    I would love some dog images. In particular, I would die for images of a boxer and a cavalier king charles spaniel. I haven't been able to find digital stamps of these two particular breeds and I would use them constantly.

    Thank you for your consideration.


    PS - If you need models, there are plenty of pics on my blog:

  6. Wow, thank you so much for all the printables! You're so talented!

    I'd love some guy images as well - golf, boating, cars, horses.

  7. WOW Becky! I just wanted to say that today "Instead of doing Laundry..." I have just looked through your entire blog!! You are fabulously gifted, and thank you for sharing it with us!
    Shannah :)

  8. I second that, your art is stunning and it is so generous of you to share such gorgeous images
    Thank you so much
    Claire xx

  9. Wow Becky i just found your blog and i love all the printable images esp. the lovely teddy bears i would love to see more bears.
    Thanks for sharing with us.

    Carmen van Dansik :0

  10. I would really really love a background image that I could use with your images and all the other stamps I have, some grass, flowers maybe a tree and a few fluffy clouds type of thing. Thank you for such fabulous images you share with us all.

  11. I love the image of the work boots. It will make a wonderful image for my son-in-law for Father's Day. However, I cannot click on it and increase the size of the image. Is there something I'm doing wrong? Help

  12. Recommend.....hmmmmmmmmmm to have your awesome-ness in the power of my hands. Beccy your drawings are FANTASTIC and they way you create them into cards.....WOW...... Love love love them all.....
    Thank you and shall keep on enjoying your creations..

  13. Thank you for all the cute images you share here and the tutorials also. Donna

  14. Wow!!!!! I just found your blog today Beccy and girl you sure have talent. I also became a follower so I would not lose you and that I could see some more amazing designs.
    I would love to see a patch work cow, or other farm animals. Yup, I live on a dairy farm.
    thanks so much, I love the old boots and wishing well.
    Carol N<><

  15. You are very talented! I'm going to add you to my follow list!

    I'd love to see grapes/vineyard/wine type theme.. your other flowers and fruit are wonderful!

  16. WOW...what a great blog....OMG such a talented lady...thank you for all your freebies....

  17. I to have just found your blog and thank you also for all your freebies you have a great range.
    I would love to see a girl drummer - seen boys everywhere but not a girl and my daughter plays the drums :-)
    Thank you so much for all your work - I have you on my google reader so I don't miss a thing!

  18. First, I love all your images! I'd love to see some "profession" images, such as for nurses, firemen, teachers, mailmen, newspapermen, hair stylists, etc. Everyone has someone like that to give a card to occasionally! Or if not the "person" then the items associated with them. thanks for allowing us to make requests.

  19. Love your art work, you are very talented, thank you for giving us the chance to use your images. I would love it is you could draw a penguin

  20. Your images are wonderful and your cards are stunning. Any Christmas or Fall images would be nice. Thank you so much for all these great images.

  21. Love your images!
    Thanks for sharing!
    What about images of Senior Citizens doing fun things?!!!

  22. love your images and the freebies....that is so generous!! professinal images would be fab!

  23. what a talented artist you are. if you could create some patriot images that would be awesome - USA, American flags (maybe update your flag bear), stars and stripes, sparklers. I support an organization called Operation Write Home .org to send hand made cards to troops overseas for them to send home. Thanks for consideration.

  24. I love the patchwork style of your Christmas deer. I would love to see a chinchilla or a rat done in this style. Your images are wonderful! Thank you for sharing all of them!

  25. I just stumbled over your blog today, and wow, you make beautiful images. I would really love either a baby, for instans laying half covered under a blanket (crawling), or a baby in a blanket carryed by a stork. Something perfect for those "new baby" cards.
    Thank you so much for sharing all your images!

  26. Wow! Couldn't sleep and started surfing the net. Found your site and have been on it for about 2 hours now. Love all the work you have done. Would like to see bunnies with tails showing. Love to add small pompoms. also any snowmen or anything dealing with winter. Second the idea of more guy stamps.Also, some possible teen ideas. Thank you so much for sharing. Got you book marked and will be checking back later.

  27. Absolutely loving your images, they are all just fab. Would love to see a meerkat or two someday? My hubby and family just love them!!
    Joanne x

  28. hi beccy ,
    i would love to see a fairy ,
    huggs jo x

  29. Hi! I´m a scrapper from Finland. And I just love your images. I often do cards but one problem that I have is to find suitible stamps for boys from 8 year and for teenageboys. I would love if you could do something like that. Soon are the winter here and a stamp that not are christmas inspired would be nice. Thank you, and I just love your page!!!!

  30. Everything you do is beautiful. I would love to see some Christmas images of shepherds, wisemen, and maybe a less traditional pose of Mary, Joseph & the baby. Also maybe a pic of the baby with baby lambs/calf/donkey looking on. Thank you.

  31. I also do a lot of RAK cards (Random Acts of Kindness) for cancer kids. I'd like to see images that are not sports related - but for boys.

  32. I'd LOVE to see your version of a cute little yorkshire terrier dog, with a bow in the top of it's head !

  33. Hi Beccy, i love your blog! I've got my nephews christening coming up and can't find anything suitable for the card, hope you can come up with something, i'll leave it up to you, i'm sure if you have time whatever you do will be just perfect!

    12.33pm 9/08/10

    Mandy x

  34. Thanks again for all the images. I will link them all back here when I post. I'm looking for an image for graduation from nursing school. Something more along the lines of medical though, books, medical sign whatever you think????

    Thanks so much for taking my request.

  35. Hello i think that not only are you super talented, but very generous to boot!! Thank you so very much for the free images you give us.they are awesome.I would love to see some really cute snowmen,also some 'pretty pretty' fairies, and, as another lady suggested, some 'guy' images.Thanks again, and bless you.rosie.xx

  36. Oh! Becky
    Is there any chance you could perhaps make an animal 'bowling'? My other hobby is crown green bowls and I would just love one.
    Here's hoping.
    Take care.

  37. Hi I am A follower I love all your work I would like Cups and saucers with flowers in them?
    Hugs Mary.

  38. Hi Becky,

    Just want to thank you for sharing your lovely freebee. You are very talented . Love you work . Maybe you can share some more christmas
    drawing .Christmas is around the air again.
    Thank you once again.

  39. Would love to see Christmas pagent kids. Angel eating a candy cane. Kid in donkey costume biting the head off a gingerbread boy. Three wisemen in bathrobe costumes, their kingly crowns askew. Maybe Mary & Joseph with baby doll - not acting very "holy". :-) Thank you SO much for all these BEAUTIFUL freebies. Really helps to stretch the crafting budget. You are very talented.

  40. BTW... LOVE your boots digi. Use it repeatedly for the men in my life.

  41. I wasn't sure how to show you one of your images that I used. aerobuyck.blogspot

    Thanks and I really enjoy your images, I'm glad that you share them.

  42. I love your designs. Is it possible if you can design a doll sitting sideways? Thanks for sharing.

  43. How about something for grandma?
    Blessings, Donna

  44. I could use a teapot and cup(s). Thanks for asking.

  45. I would love some designs of parrots....conures, cockatoos, macaws, etc. The ones I would really love to see are Scarlet Macaws, Senegals, Nandays (conures), Umbrella cockatoo, White Bellied Caiques and Cockatiels. Thanks so much for asking!

  46. What a fabulous blog you have, Beccy! I am working my way through all your tutorials and techniques! Thank you!

  47. This was just a fluke that I ran into your blog and WOW, I am hooked. So many things you've shared with other people is amazing. I have just become a follower of yours and look forward to future blogs. Thank you so much.

  48. Beccy, is there a chance that you have a tutorial for a "1 sheet card" that is made with a 10 1/2' x 10 1/2' piece? It is held closed with a belly band. I made one several months ago, and now I can't recall where I saw the directions. I thought perhaps I had seen it here. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. Hi Aunt Karen. Try my "Card Fold Tutorials" instead of the "Technique Index". The only card that comes to mind is the Napkin Fold, but it's starting measurement is 11" x 11".
      Good luck!