Tuesday, March 9

Hot Tip Tuesday

Better Stamping I
Solid Surface
For the best results from your stamps, ensure that you are working on a solid surface. Many crafters use plastic, fold-out tables, which are great for extra space, but simply have too much flex to be useful for stamping. The flex allows movement in the surface we're stamping on, letting it bend away from the surface of the stamp. Opt for a sturdy wooden table, desk, or even the kitchen bench. If you have no other option, place a wood or glass cutting board under your work area to provide more support.

The left hand image was stamped on a solid desk top and
the right hand image was stamped on a plastic table top.


Jackie T said...

Thank you Beccy that is a very helpful tip. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Gail said...

Well that is interesting on how a stamp reacts depending on the surface - thanks for sharing!

Daffodil Cards said...

I was always under the impression that a soft surface gave a better result for stamping! as a digi girl I tried doing that and found I wasn't successful, so stayed with digi, then tried a platform and yeah! result! Thanks for this Beccy your tips are great.
Faith x

terrie said...

Good to know....thank you for sharing this tip.

Teresa said...

Good tip! Thank you.