Wednesday, May 15

Everything Papercraft - Journaling

Journaling, in scrapbooking, is a technique in which written memories, facts, dates, names and places are recorded alongside photographs and memorabilia on a scrapbook page, referred to as a “layout”. Journaling is one of the leading reasons that scrapbooking became so popular again in recent years. The frustration of not knowing who was being depicted in old photographs, or where and when the photographs were taken lead to a resurgence in what is now a worldwide practice.

There are many products that can be purchased specifically for the purpose of journaling, including archival pens, journaling tags, cards and even books to teach you how to journal!  It is without doubt one of the most valuable practices that modern scrapbookers use on their pages and will provide an intimate look at family and social life for generations to come.



  1. Great layout pages and keeping memories always there for future generations....tfs

  2. Wonderful pages and memories of events as well as who's who.
    Faith x

  3. These look nice! I tried scrapbooking a long time ago, but didn't stick with it.