Tuesday, September 15

Everything Papercraft - Beading

Beads have made a huge comeback in recent years with manufacturers turning out some gorgeous designs in a variety of mediums including glass, clay and crystal. Papercrafters often use beads to embellish projects because they are readily available and simple to work with. They can be easily attached to paper creations with glue, thread, sticky mediums, wire or double sided tape. Beads are very popular with artists who create collage and altered art pieces because of the wide variety of different shapes, sizes and construction materials.

If you're sewing beads onto your cards, it's a good idea to use a piercing tool or needle to make holes in the card stock before you start sewing. This will make the placement a lot easier. Be sure you don't pull the stitches too tight or you may end up tearing through the card stock. Secure the loose threads on the reverse side of your finished piece with a spot of glue or tape to ensure the stitching doesn't unravel.

Here's an example of two beautiful, beaded cards.


Jackie T said...

Hi Beccy they are gorgeous. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Lori m said...

Gorgeous card, great change using beads, very pretty, hugs, Lori m

Suze said...

Lovely cards Beccy.

Teresa said...

They look great!

Sandra H said...

Gosh l remember doing this at school it’s lovely so creative too ! X