Tuesday, October 8

Hot Tip Tuesday

Today's Hot Tip is a simple one, but will help save a lot of frustration when attempting to fussy cut images. 

I've printed a little digital image ready for a Christmas card and now I want to fussy cut around the outside. It's not an overly complicated image, but there are a few twists and turns that I need to navigate with my little scissors.

One of the difficulties of fussy cutting is managing the offcuts. As you can see in the photo above, the excess card stock from around the image actually gets in the way of my scissors and my hand while I'm trying to cut. This can lead to cutting mistakes and a good deal of frustration.

The solution is very simple. Just take a moment to roughly cut around the image, leaving just a 1/4" or so of excess card stock. There will be a lot less to obstruct the scissors and your hand as you make your way around the image. Simple!


  1. Great tip I have just done that with one I had coloured nice to know I was doing it right

  2. I also sometimes cut to the edge and remove some of the waste part way around even after trimming down as suggested

  3. Hi Beccy this is a great tip. Thank you. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  4. TOP tip - thank you for sharing :)

  5. Even doing it this way, I can not fussy cut to save my life lol. I just cant do it, a bit like heat embossing too, lol, I cant do that either!! I 😂🤣. I've mentioned this before and had 100's sending me tips and help, I've tried it all and still cant do it ☹😭. 😆😍

    1. Perhaps a Scan n Cut is the answer for you AndreaH ... I've not heard a bad thing about them. Good luck :)