Thursday, October 10

Kevin the Singing Koala

When making cards I often start by selecting my patterned paper, which in turn helps me to choose the colours for my image. It's MUCH simpler to start with the paper than to try to find something that matches after you've done all the colouring.



  1. DELIGHTFUL - LOVE him and your card SO MUCH!!!
    If I'm using patterned paper I try to match my colours too, that being said, I confess I'm more of a patterned paper collector rather than a user => feeling INSPIRED to give my stash a workout :)

  2. Hi Beccy that is such a good idea. I am always hunting for paper to match my images. I had know idea he was called Kevin. That is such a brilliant name for him. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  3. I started doing that quite awhile ago---SO much easier!

  4. Awesome card I love the paper, your coloring and image...
    This is a great tip about choosing your paper first, I can't tell you how many time I did it the other way and couldn't find the right color....tfs

  5. Perfect example to show us choosing paper first. Love the color of blue for Christmas. Lovely card.