Thursday, October 3

Colouring Digital Images

I have a mini tutorial to share with you today, all about adding extra colour to already coloured digital stamps. This is a great way to add your own little touches to digis when time is against you. It's also a useful way to practice your colouring, highlighting and shading because the base is already there to build on.

Start with a pre-coloured digital image printed on your favourite card stock. We're going to be applying pencils over the top, so the type of card isn't all that important, but just keep in mind that the surface texture will show when the pencil is applied.

I've added strokes of white pencil to the ears, chins and chests of each koala. I'm not trying to re-colour them, just add a hint of texture to give the impression that they're extra hairy. I've also used various greys to darken their noses and deepen the shadows under their arms, feet, legs and little bellies. The last addition I made was a large shadowy area at the bottom of the picture. This helps to "ground" the characters so they're not floating around in space.

And here's my finished image made up into a Christmas card. I hope you'll give this little technique a go, it's not too difficult and is a wonderful way to help boost your colouring confidence.



  1. Hi Beccy I love this card. I really have never thought of adding colour to a pre-coloured image. This was such a lovely set to use. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  2. What a great tip for more shadow here and there....thank you

  3. Gorgeous card and l love those little mices x

  4. Great card, but best of all I appreciate your tutorial on adding additional coloring to pre-colored images. Never thought of it. You have opened my eyes to new experiences. Thank you.

  5. I like this---never realized how much the shadows on the bottom really "grounds" an image! Thank you. Cute card!

  6. TOP tips - thank you for sharing :)
    I have never combined pencils with coloured images before ... many add them to finish off images they colour with Copic markers too => I need to be more adventurous!