Monday, October 18

Everything Papercraft - Vellum

Traditional vellum (from the Old French vélin, for "calfskin") is mammal skin prepared for writing or printing through a series of processes that result in a smooth and durable product. Similar in production to parchment, vellum is generally considered to be of higher quality and most consistently made from the skin of calves, although sheep, goats and other animals were also used.

Modern imitation or "paper vellum" is made from plasticized cotton. Usually translucent, paper vellum in various sizes is often used in applications where tracing is required, such as architectural plans.

Paper crafters use vellum in a variety of ways including the creation of delicate embellishments, journaling blocks and die cuts. Despite its translucency it's quite strong and can be cut, folded and stamped on in much the same way as normal paper. Vellum is also the main paper product used in the art of pergamano or paper piercing.


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