Thursday, April 15

Everything Papercraft - Iris Folding

Iris folding is a paper craft technique that is believed to have its origins in Holland sometime in the 1900s. It involves the arrangement of folded paper strips into spiral designs that resemble the iris diaphragm of a camera, which is where the name originated. The designs are decorative and generally used on card fronts or as embellishments for scrapbook and journal pages.

Traditionally, Dutch crafters sourced their papers from envelopes with pretty, patterned interiors, but these days, crafters use all sorts of light decorative paper, from origami sheets to upcycled coffee filters.

Iris folding patterns can be purchased on-line, in some specialty art stores or as published books. Many paper craft artists create their own unique designs.

There is often confusion between iris folding, which primarily focuses on the creation of an iris, and tea bag folding, which is more about pattern and symmetry. Both however, use similar types of folded paper with a similar technique for placement.

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Gail said...

Oh my - years ago I was really into this - even have a ton of strips cut ready to Iris fold - if I could find them! LOL-- been a long time but the look is so amazing! TFS

Jackie T said...

Hi Beccy your card is gorgeous. It is a while since I have done any iris folding. My crafty journey started with tea-bag folding. Have a great day. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Teresa said...

So pretty. I haven't done in a long time. I need to do some more...that and needlework on a card.

terrie said...

Great looking card and color for your iris Folding technique Beccy..
Iris Folding was my first love when I started card making I loved the re-action I felt when I turned the card around and saw the beautiful pattern made by folding paper strips....I still do it now and then and I taught it to my art students when I use to teach.

Lori m said...

Iris folds are beautiful, I attempted them years ago, nothing looked this pretty, hugs, Lori m

Beccy said...

Hi Jackie. It's actually the cover of a book and not a card I made... but I do agree that it's gorgeous!