Wednesday, June 7

Tutorial - Printing Digital Paper

The new Café Elements set contains seven pieces of digital paper, which can be used for online projects or printed and used with more traditional techniques. This tutorial will also work for the free digital papers I sometimes post with the monthly challenge.

1. I'm going to start by presuming most people who read my blog know how to save digital files to their computer and can access them as necessary. So... start by opening a blank document in your word processing program (I use MS Word). I like to resize the paper to the size of my card blank, which in my case is usually 51/4" square. If you like to use 4" x 6" cards, you might like to resize the digital paper to fit exactly, or print 6" squares and cut them to size.

2. Change your printer settings to the highest quality for a smooth, even result. If you're going to print directly onto cardstock, change the paper type as well.

3. When I'm printing digital papers, I like to use a good quality paper that's slightly heavier than typical printer paper. I purchased this ream at my local office supply store, it's 120gsm instead of the standard 80, and it's bright white and very smooth.

4. Once you've changed the settings, hit print and wait for your pages to emerge. You can now use them as you would any other piece of patterned paper, but with the added benefit of never running out!



Lori m said...

Thank you Beccy, this is a gorgeous is a great image set, hugs, Lori m

Teresa said...

Thank you!