Saturday, June 17

Tutorial - Hexagon Pop Up Card

Hexagon Pop-Up cards are free-standing, easy to make and fold flat to fit in an envelope or card box. They're perfect for special occasions as they have lots of room for decorating and stand beautifully for display.

1. For the card base, you'll need two strips of cardstock measuring 2" x 61/2", one piece of cardstock measuring 2" x 10", six pieces of patterned paper measuring 13/4" x 13/4" and an image panel measuring about 4" square. (I used a circle with a 4" diameter).

2. Place the 2" x 61/2" piece of cardstock horizontally on your scoreboard and score at 2", 4" and 6", then fold along the score lines. Repeat with the second piece of cardstock.

3. Place the 2" x 10" piece of cardstock horizontally on your score board and score at 2", 5" and 8". Fold along the score lines and set aside.

4. For a neater finish, round off the corners on the small tab at the end of the 2" x 61/2" pieces of cardstock. Alternatively, you can trim the corners with a pair of scissors.

5. Using glue or double sided tape, secure the patterned paper to each section of the cardstock leaving a small border.

6. Apply glue or double sided tape to one of the 1/2" tabs, then join the two pieces of cardstock together to form one long strip. Make sure the tab is positioned at the back.

7. Apply glue or double sided tape to the second tab, making sure the patterned paper is to the outside of the strip (see photo below). Secure the ends of the cardstock to form the hexagon. 

8. Place glue or double sided tape on one of the end sections of the 2" x 10" strip of cardstock, between the edge and the first score line. Secure the strip to the inside of the hexagon, centring it on one of the panels.

9. Secure the other end of the cardstock to the other side of the hexagon, lining up the bottom edges.

10. Decorate the image panel as desired and then secure to the centre strip. Only place the adhesive on the cardstock strip, NOT the image panel.



Liz said...

Love this card, what a great fold! Another one to add to my list of folds to try. Thanks for the tutorial. xx

Daphne said...

Wat een duidelijke uitleg weer, héél erg bedankt!
Mooie vrolijke leuke kaart.

Margreet said...

Gorgeous card fold and thanks for the tutorial!
xxx Margreet

Angélique said...

Super, what a lovely model, thank you for the clear tutorial!

terrie said...

I like the fold and the instruction were easy to follow...will give this a try...thanks for sharing it.

Teresa said...

Cute card. Thank you for the tutorial. This is a fun, easy fold. I wanted to do it as soon as I saw it.

Wies said...

Thanks for the tuturial of this great pop up card.

Christine said...

What a super fold! Thank you for sharing with us

Susan Renshaw said...

Must try this !

MommaD said...

CYH! (Consider Yourself Hugged)
Your detailed instructions, with pictures, are incredibly appreciated! Some times I need to SEE things in order to make sure I'm understanding & following the instructions correctly.
Your card goes to the top of my 'gotta make this card next' file.

Carole said...

Great tutorial,,,so well explained...thank you..must try this.

Leslie said...

Super cute fold I'm adding to my 'to try' list! Thanks so much for sharing your tutorial! I have to add that I just love your written tutorials - they are so easy to follow without having to stop and start a video! Much appreciated! <3