Tuesday, April 9

Fussy Cutting

Today's quick tip is about making your fussy cutting a little easier.
After you've stamped or printed your image and coloured it in, spend a little time looking at the different areas of the design. It's always easiest to cut away any internal areas with a craft knife before you cut around the outside of the image. The extra paper around the image helps to provide the structure your knife needs when pulling through the paper. If your image is particularly intricate, it's easy to end up with tears when cutting with a craft knife.

In the example below, I started by removing the little bit of paper between the chicken's feet with my craft knife, then went to work removing the remaining paper with a pair of sharp little scissors.


  1. ... he looks like how I feel today!

    Thank you for your top tip Beccy ... I LOVE fussy cutting in the comfort of my recliner ")

  2. HI Beccy, thanks for the tips, I recently fussy cut a digi image and decided the easiest way to cut away the internal area was using a single hole punch to make it easier for my scissors to get in. Let's say that I have had issues using a Stanley knife which slipped and cut away more than I had planned... Have a wonderful week... Megan

    1. That's an awesome tip Megan, thanks for sharing!

  3. Great time - this is me in the morning - just saying! hehe

  4. Great cutting Beccy. I do love this technique. Take care. Hugs Jackie

  5. Thanks for the tip, Beccy! I enjoy fussy-cutting!

  6. Good tip. Fussy cutting and I don't really get along well---LOL!

  7. Is there an outline die for images that help getting them cut out well?