Tuesday, May 17

Everything Papercraft - Fabric

Fabric is a versatile and widely available item that can add both colour and texture to handmade cards. It comes in an endless array of patterns including holidays and celebrations, food, florals, children’s prints, animals, and so on. Most fabrics are easy to work with and can be glued, stitched or pierced to hold them in place.
Fabric can be used as a background by applying an adhesive, such as PVA, directly to the fabric and then laying it over a card front and smoothing out any air pockets, or it can be used in smaller pieces to embellish a larger design. Strips of fabric can replace ribbons, lace and pieces of patterned paper, and can be tied into decorative knots and bows.
It's also possible to stamp on fabric, which is great for making personalised t-shirts, bags or other items, or just to add a little more interest to your fabric embellishments. Here's a TUTORIAL.

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Faith A at Daffodil Cards said...

I've never stamped on fabric! guess I had better buy some ink AFTER looking at the tutorial :)
Thanks Beccy
Faith x