Tuesday, May 4

Just Add Cheer

I love adding little additions to stamped or printed images so they can be used for occasions other than the original intention. My favourite changes are Christmas related, such as adding a string of colourful lights, some holly, or in this case, a fuzzy Santa hat. It's a wonderful way to create one-of-a-kind projects and an easy way to get more value from your stamps.

I started by colouring the image with markers.

The next step is to sketch the changes you want to make.
Use a nice soft pencil that can be easily erased.

Trace over the pencil with a pen. Take care to choose a pen that
won't react with the medium you're using to colour. Since I'm using
alcohol based markers, I chose a water-based pen.

Colour the hat. I'm not worried that the top of the pig's head is visible
as I'm going to be adding an opaque medium to the "fur" that will
block that part of the image. You could use some paint or even fussy
cut a little piece of white paper to fill that area.

I applied white puff paint and heated with a heat tool for a great 3D look!
As you can see, it has also covered the top of the head and the pen lines.



Jackie T said...

Hi Beccy this is a gorgeous card. I love the idea of adding a hat to images. Take care. Hugs Jackie

Daffodil Cards said...

As a Chinese calendar pig, I love all pigs and this one with your gorgeous colouring is the funniest and most wonderful. This set is fabulous Beccy.
Faith x

Lori m said...

This is darling, fantastic idea, love the Santa hat idea, hugs, Lori m

terrie said...

Wow this card is just awesome...adding the Christmas hat is so cute....TFS

Colinda said...

Hihihi, so funny :)

Teresa said...

Cute way to do it!

Paperesse said...

Excellent idea, I'll remember this.