Tuesday, December 13

Hot Tip Tuesday

There are countless cutting dies on the market featuring beautiful flourishes, tiny flowers and all manner of gorgeous lace-work that elevate our cards to the next level. The problem with intricate die cuts, aside from choosing amongst all the beautiful designs, is securing them to our projects.
Today's tip is to get your adhesive on your cardstock before you start cutting. Apply strips of double-sided tape or jac paper to the back of your cardstock, leaving the second backing strip in place while you run it through your machine. The dies should have no trouble cutting through the extra layer of adhesive. Once your shape is cut, simply remove the backing strip and secure the die cuts to your project. 


Christine said...

Brilliant!!! Such a clever idea and sooooo simple. Thank you so much for sharing

Loretta said...

Excellent tip thank you!

TracyM #6773 said...

TOP TIP ... I've been known to get into sticking situations, especially with smaller pieces => will definitely give this a go :)