Friday, December 9

Tutorial - Interlocking Gatefold Cards

A basic gatefold card with a clever interlocking feature
that can be sized and shaped to suit your needs!

1. Begin with a gatefold card of any size - mine measures 51/4" x 51/4". (To make a gatefold card, place a 101/2" x 51/4" piece of cardstock horizontally on your score board and score at 25/8" and 77/8". Fold along each score line so the side edges meet in the centre).

2. Decorate the front of your card with stamps, inks or patterned paper. I've used a layer of red cardstock with a second layer of Christmas themed paper over the top for each side of the gatefold. The red cardstock pieces measure 23/8" x 5" each and the patterned paper measures 21/4" x 47/8" each.

3. Secure the patterned paper to the cardstock with glue or double-sided tape first. Now secure those layers to the front of your card, taking care to line everything up correctly. (Note that the white borders that are closest to the centre opening of the card will be half the width of the other borders. This is because the two sides come together when the card is closed creating the same total amount.)

4. Select a cutting die that cuts a frame. In my case, my die cuts a narrow, scalloped edge frame decorated with faux stitching. You can see the two different cutting lines in the photo below - the outer one is scalloped and the inner is a smooth oval. (If you don't have a die like this, simply nest two different dies together. Cut a large shape and then cut a smaller shape from the centre.)

5. Print and colour the image you wish to use on your card. Use the same die to cut around the image, reserving the frame that will cut automatically, and also cut two frames from a coordinating piece of cardstock. Reserve one of the extra cardstock ovals from the centre of the frame.

6. Use glue or tape to secure the red cardstock oval to the back of the image, which will cover any bleed-through as well as add extra support. Use glue to sandwich the three frames together, keeping the white piece at the back or between the two red pieces. This will make your frame a lot stronger and less likely to bend or tear.

7. Centre the image panel over the front of your card. Hold it in place with some low-tack tape over the right hand side. Open the card and apply adhesive to the section that is showing. Close the card again and press down on the adhesive. This should secure the image panel to the left side of your gatefold.

8. Place the frame around the image panel, lining it up perfectly. Hold it in place with some low-tack tape positioned over the left hand side. Open the card to reveal the overhanging image panel and frame. Apply glue ONLY to the section of the frame you can see. DO NOT apply any adhesive to the image panel. Close the card and press the frame down on the right side.

9. The image panel should line up perfectly with the frame forming the "interlocking" part of your card.

10. If you wish, you can add a sentiment to the frame. Just remember to keep the adhesive ONLY on the section of the frame that the sentiment will cover. DO NOT allow any adhesive to overflow onto the image panel or the cardstock or you will glue your card closed.



Daphne said...

Bedankt voor deze leuke duidelijke uitleg??
De tekst vind ik zó grappig!!

Colinda said...

Hihihi, I love this dog!! The sentiment matches perfect with his expression, hihihi. Thank you for the tutorial, gonna write this down for my I for next year :)

Anita said...

great idea Beccy


Lori m said...

Beccy you are so talented; this card is just gorgeous made me giggle, hugs, Lori m

Bunny said...

This dog is so cute. Nice tutorial. [Bunny]

Margreet said...

Great card with that brilliant dog! Love the expression on his face and the matching sentiment!
xxx Margreet

Crafting Queen said...

Love this card. Your colouring is wonderful. Anesha x

Teresa said...

Cute! Thank you for the tutorial.

TracyM #6773 said...

LOVE your dog and FANCY folds!

THANK YOU for sharing this SUPER COOL tutorial :)