Thursday, November 30


Who's ready for another race?


Suze said...

almost ready

Margreet said...

xxx Margreet

Swissie said...

Are you kidding?

TracyM #6773 said...

Yes :)

Catching up from my unplanned internet "detox", looks like it has been busy here today and yesterday.

GOOD LUCK Beccy!!!
... you're SO CLOSE to another record year, only 106 to go => hope it's a busy night and day for EVERYONE :)

Marianne said...

No way! Are you kidding?
How did I end up reading your blog just before AND after this last race, but not during the race?!
I guess the universe wanted me to focus on other things instead, like work, so that I have more play time afterwards. 😁
Marianne x

Sarah Warren said...

I was sleeping again. Even after I said no more sleep until December 1. Luckily my dog woke me up trying to get off the bed. I thought, might as well check to see if there might be a race. And there was!!

I jumped out of bed, not making my husband happy, and ran to my computer. I put in my card, and I was so lucky because my card was number 10.

I guess anytime during November, I won't have to scold my dog for waking me up in the middle of the night. She is such a good dog. Well, at least she was this morning.