Thursday, November 30

Ready, Set, Go!

The final race for this year's challenge!
The next ten people to upload a card to the Month of Holiday Cards Challenge will win a $10.00AU store credit at Beccy's Place. You can upload as many cards or projects as you like, but you can only collect one prize until all ten have been won.
Our starting point is card #1053


Suze said...

I was in the process of writing posts for two cards (after just uploading one) so finished off one of them and put a pause on the other until I had run my race!
Go came earlier than I expected and it was a mad scramble to publish the post and grab my glasses (can't see the computer properly without them).
Time to take a deep breath now.

TracyM #6773 said...


Can't believe it's nearly over ... I've been offline for what feels like forever (internet troubles), missed everything yesterday and just got back to start catching up now.

HAPPY Racing Everyone :)

Swissie said...

Oh Beccy!
You gave me high blood pressure!
After a painful night I thought I first of all would take a look on your blog.
Well, I had to make the easiest I could! I think I'm in.
But now I have to take another, better picture and write something on my post. Lol!!!!!

joke said...

Yeah...I was awake now, so happy and thank you very much again for another Ready, Set and Go. Have a nice day all. Greetings Joke

Dagmar said...

Thank you for the challenge, Beccy.

pst said...

I hate the time difference with down under, now the races are almost always when I am working and in meetings. I thought I will check during my lunch break and again I am too late. Well better luck next year.
Congrats to all that were in time and Beccy thanks for a wonderful month filled with joy and inspiration.