Thursday, November 9

Day 9 - "H"

Santa's famous catch cry is the theme for my card today...
Ho Ho Ho!

YOUR TURN: Create a card using the letter "H" as your prompt.
Click on the link to add a photo of your creation:

holly, ho ho ho, happy, holiday, hot chocolate, hope, handbag card, heat embossing, herringbone technique, honeycomb paper, hexagons, hot glue, heliotrope, harvest gold, hookers green, hunters green

Stamps: Skating Santa


  1. Ha, I have mine all ready to post! :-D This is just too much fun each and every day. :_D

  2. Hihihi, looks like santa is having fun!
    Such a great idea to put him on a round card, now he can do a flip!

  3. Santa is having a ball! Love the circular shape of this card, Beccy, and as always your colouring looks amazing! I'm ahead of you with the letters as I linked up my "I" card today. I've hit all the letters A-I as well as the Bingo challenge and I'm challenging myself to do the whole month - I don't know if I will make it but we'll see! I've got my "J" card all ready to go. Nothing in mind for "K" or "L" yet so I might have to wait for your inspiration words.

  4. Beccy,
    This year I am trying to recycle, using parts of cards I have received. I was not able to see if we need to have stamped images for your challenge. Thanks!

    1. Hi Dorothy. You don't need to use stamped images for the challenge this month... it's anything goes! The idea is to get your holiday cards made before the end of the month, so it's totally up to you what you use.

  5. Ha ha Santa on his skates. He most be careful do not break a leg. Who will bring the presents. Beautiful coloring Beccy.
    Hugs Petra

  6. What a fun skating Santa you have their Beccy! Fabulous make!

  7. Hi Beccy, a super fun card, Santa looks like he will be doing cartwheels if the card gets on a roll. Thanks for the giggle this morning... have a good one... Megan

  8. Love the shape he looks so happy I wonder if he has finished his deliveries or had too much sherry with his mince pies

  9. Just want to say I am HHHHHHHappy and so GGGGGGGrateful for the HHHHHHelp you gave me in sorting my download tonight

  10. So fun this Santa on a roundshaped card!
    Have a nice day

  11. SUPER CUTE and H A P P Y Christmas card, LOVE your Santa and scalloped circles filled with Ho Ho Ho :)

  12. Santa does his happy dance in circles....gorgeous card!
    It becomes an addiction: when I wake up I first go to my laptop to see your November challenge....
    xxx Margreet

  13. I totally love your challenge and the idea to finish holidays cards this months. and I love round cards, your card is perfect.

  14. I was inspired! I have my Skating Santa Card ready to upload soon! Thanks for the inspiration and this challenge - I am so on a roll with Christmas projects! Yeah!

  15. Where was my brain last night. I missed commenting on your cute card! I love the simplicity of the card but it looks very intricate with all the layers. Santa looks so care free. If I were him this time of year I would be stressed out! Beautiful coloring and just a really fun card all the way around, literally!

  16. Now I am wondering if behind the Santa there is a brad so you can turn the circles around...your card looks great!