Tuesday, November 28

Day 28 - "Y"

These last few letters are definitely giving the old grey matter a serious workout! For today's letter "Y" challenge I decided to go with the word "yuletide".

YOUR TURN: Create a card using the letter "Y" as your prompt.
Click on the link to add a photo of your creation: 

Yule, yuletide, yule log, yellow, yo-yo spinner cards

Stamps: Gingerbread


  1. Oh, Beccy, I adore that darling gingerbread house! Wonderful winter-y colors. I used Yuletide, too. :-D

  2. Fabulous colors on your card, Beccy. It is so pretty. Gingerbread definitely has a Yum factor. I really like how you have the baker's twine attached, ingenius. Apparently, your gray matter is doing OK.

  3. Fabulous design, Beccy. I love the colours you've used. I've got an idea for 'Y', I just need time to make the card! xx

  4. Adorable image and card, Beccy. I did not grow up with a tradition of gingerbread houses, but they always look irresistibly cute and yummy. I guess you could also have gone for Yummy Yuletide treats.
    Marianne x

  5. Yummy design and funny enough I coloured up this image last night.xx

  6. DELIGHTFUL card Beccy!
    ... your gingerbread house looks so ELEGANT and YUMMY :)

    1. ... I can almost hear my Grandma YODELLING from up the hill, a precious memory :)

  7. What an adorable card, Beccy! Love the patterns that you've used and the fun cottage image. Love the color combo and how the eaves of the cottage match the background dotted paper. Very intentional eye-pleasing design!

  8. Hi Beccy, a very Cool Yule! card, love the colours and the cute gingerbread house, you even managed to get some 'Yarn' on your card, well okay it is really twine, but worth a shot... have a good one... Megan

  9. That's so cute, Beccy! Your gingerbread set is one of my favourites - I think I used it 3 times already this month! Love the way you coloured the house! I went with Y for yuletide too, although yo-yo spinner card sounds very intriguing! Thanks for all the inspiration!

  10. Love the gingerbread house and the colors...well done and tfs